Farm Bureau Decodes Water Rule

Farm Bureau Decodes Water Rule
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TheAmerican Farm Bureau Federation has released to Congress a comprehensivedocument that responds, point by point, to numerous inaccurate and misleadingcomments made about the Environmental Protection Agency’s latest clean waterrule. Nancy Stoner, EPA acting assistant administrator for water, made thestatements in a recent agency blog post.

AFBF’sdocument explains – with specific citations to the proposed rule and otherauthorities – how the rule would give EPA broad Clean Water Act jurisdictionover dry land features and farming practices long declared off-limits byCongress and the nation’s highest court.

“AFBFand several state Farm Bureaus have met with the EPA repeatedly, and each timeagency officials have declined to grapple with the serious, real worldimplications of the rule,” AFBF President Bob Stallman said. “EPA is nowengaged in an intensive public relations campaign, and we believe itsstatements are directly contrary to the reality of the proposed rule.

“Wehave therefore decided to take our arguments to a wider audience, as well. FarmBureau is dedicated to communicating to farmers, their elected representativesand the public how the proposed rule will impose costly and time-intensivefederal permitting regimes on commonplace and essential practices that ournation’s farmers and ranchers depend on. Agency inspectors and courts willapply the rule, not EPA’s talking points. It’s time for the agency to ditchthis rule and start over.”  

AFBFhopes this document will contribute to the ongoing discussion in Congressregarding the rule and its implications not only for farming, but for the U.S.economy more broadly.  

Thedocument can be found by going to  ~ 

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