Late-Season Herbicides

Late-Season Herbicides
Created by rrummel on 8/6/2014 12:00:09 PM

Waste of Time & Money

For farmers seeing weeds intheir crop fields this late in the growing season, hand-rouging and pullingthem by hand may be the best way to remove them, more so than using aherbicide, a Purdue Extensionweed scientist says.

"The majority of weedsin corn and soybean fields are much higher than the ideal 4-8-inch height, andherbicide applications are only going to provide marginal control atbest," said Travis Legleiter, Purdue Extension weed scientist.

The most common weeds whichmay not be under control at this time in the season are Palmer amaranth, commonwaterhemp, giant ragweed and marestail. If herbicides are repeatedly applied tothese larger, full-grown weeds, the offspring are more likely to beherbicide-resistant, Legleiter said. 

"Although it is humaninstinct to try and spray something and do something about the tall, ugly weedsin our fields, we may be better off not spraying and not selecting forresistant biotypes," said Legleiter.

Another risk that comes withspraying herbicides late with residual activity specifically is the possibilityof the herbicide carrying over into the winter and spring, which can bepotentially damaging to those crops.

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