Annexation still a hot topic among the residents of Fort Wayne’s northern areas, Karen Francisco explains

Karen Francisco from the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette joined Charly Butcher on “Fort Wayne’s Morning News” to talk about this weekend’s Editorial page in the paper.  Annexation is the topic for Sunday, as City Council is expected to vote on the fiscal plan for the annexation proposal on Tuesday night.  There will be an editorial on the topic, pointing out that this is the first large-scale annexation done since tax caps went into effect. The plan creates real problems for other taxing units, which are likely to negate any benefits the city would see from growing to 275,000.

They also have an op-ed article from the mayor defending the annexation proposal.  The centerpiece story is about a Fort Wayne lesbian couple who just had a baby. Under Indiana law, they were issued a birth certificate for an out-of-wedlock birth, even though they are legally married.  They have had to hire an attorney so that the non-biological mother can adopt the baby. There is a class-action lawsuit (they are not involved) in U.S. District Court and the state will inevitably lose. That’s what’s happened in three other states.

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