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Canterbury School releases re-entry plan

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Canterbury School released it’s “Returning to Campus 2020-21” re-entry plan on Monday, July 20, 2020.

Canterbury has released a plan that includes the possibility of remote learning, health screening, and safety measures.  The school has also come up with three phases to implement depending upon the effects of COVID-19 in the school and the community.

The school is offering up an option for remote learning.  They are asking families that wish to take the remote learning option to commit to a quarter of remote learning to being the school year.  However, that option may not be available to Early Childhood classes at the start of the year in that division.  Remote learning will be available to Early Childhood classes if the campus would need to close at any point during the year.

All staff and students will be required to self-screen before going to school.  Anyone that is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 without being otherwise explained is prohibited from going to school.  A doctor’s note will be required to return to school sooner than the CDC guidelines, especially in the case that a known cause other than COVID-19 was found, such as having a strep-throat diagnosis that has been treated.

The school will provide the following for their daily practices:

  1. Hand sanitizing stations throughout the campus
  2. Two reusable masks to all staff and students
  3. Face shields to all teachers, health staff and front office staff
  4. Training for students and staff on appropriate hand washing/sanitizing procedures
  5. Access to water container refill stations as water fountain use is prohibited
  6. Teachers will be able to request a plexiglass barrier for their classroom
  7. Hallways will be marked for directional travel and distancing where appropriate
  8. Additional nursing staff and counseling support
  9. Outdoor education will be used whenever possible
  10. Desks will be placed six feet apart and all face the same direction
  11. Classrooms will be cleaned regularly
  12. Measures will be taken to increase and improve air ventilation.

Canterbury has come up with three phases to implement depending on the status of COVID-19 in the school and community.  Phase Blue is the least restrictive which reflects low levels of community spread of COVID-19 within the Canterbury community.  Phase Yellow is more restrictive which reflects higher levels of community spread of COVID-19 within the Canterbury community.  Phase red is most restrictive with facilities being closed, remote learning in place for all divisions, and all in-person school activities including athletics will be prohibited.  The school will post the current phase all around the campus and also notify staff and students as phases change.

For more detailed information on the re-entry plan, click here.

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