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Flash of Anger from Judge in Bisard Trial

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Day Eight of the David Bisard trial opened with a show of anger from Allen Superior Court Judge John Surbeck.

After learning a major with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department was sending updates to leaders in the force — including some scheduled as witnesses. 

“Who sent the e-mails,” Surbeck demanded. “This is about as bad as anything as I've heard about IMPD. But I've heard a lot of bad things.” Seconds later he threw out the option of calling the Chief of Police to testify.

Surbeck requested Major Greg Bieberich of IMPD “stop immediately” the updates and to turn over the emails and distribution list. Bieberich said he would comply “this morning.”

In afternoon testimony, a national expert in the science of crash tests explained data they retrieved from the heavily damaged squad car.

The retired engineer said information he observed determined the police car smashed into the first motorcycle at 60 mph and then continued into the second bike at 42 mph and pushed a biker onto the windshield of the patrol car. 

The consultant said Bisard braked in a panic moment after her reached speeds of 75 mph just seconds before the impact.

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