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Floodgate trouble drops Lake Shafer by 20 inches

MONTICELLO, Ind. (AP): A malfunction at a northern Indiana reservoir's dam has dropped the popular lake nearly 20 inches below its normal water level.

Northern Indiana Public Service Co. spokesman Nick Meyer says a floodgate on Lake Shafer's Norway Dam malfunctioned and opened wider than needed Thursday night, dropping the lake level. Crews hope to close the floodgate by late Friday afternoon.

Meyer says the extra water flowing downstream at Monticello (mahn-tuh-SEL'-oh) combined with overnight rainfall has boosted water levels back to normal at Lake Freeman to the south.

Lake Freeman had dropped significantly as NIPSCO complied with a federal mandate to release water from its Oakdale Dam to protect riverbeds with endangered mussels.

Lake Freeman had been about 19 inches below normal Thursday night, but is now at its normal level.

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