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Fort Wayne property owners who don’t mow their grass could get fined starting in May

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Starting May 2, the city of Fort Wayne will be cracking down on the length of grass and weeds on properties around the city.

The city’s Weed Program dictates that residents shouldn’t have grass longer than nine inches, according to the city of Fort Wayne.

The city is asking the public to report lawns that are in violation of the rule. Online complaints can be filed at the city of Fort Wayne’s website or residents can call 260-427-8311.

“Neighborhood Code Enforcement works to help build strong and safe neighborhoods,” says Cindy Joyner, deputy director for Neighborhood Code Enforcement. “We help address properties that could have a blighting influence on a neighborhood and by doing so we protect property values and improve the quality of life in our city.”

After there has been a complaint, a weed inspector will decide if there is a violation. If there is, a notice will be sent to the owner and they will have five days to cut their lawn.

If the owner hasn’t corrected the lawn in five days, the city will have contractors mow the lawn and the owners will be charged for the service. If the fee isn’t paid in 30 days, a lien will be placed on the property.

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