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Fort Wayne rent prices increase over past year

(Photo Supplied/John Wagner)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Rent prices are rising in Fort Wayne.

A study by the website Apartment Guide found rent prices in the Fort Wayne market went up by almost 14% in the past year, which puts the Summit City at sixth for the fastest-growing rates in the country.

An average 1-bedroom apartment will cost you $810 per month, thanks in part to downtown apartment developments that offer great views with a large price tag.

Still, it could be worse: a 1-bedroom apartment in New York City costs, on average, more than $4,100 per month.

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Jason February 6, 2019 at 9:50 am

Is Fort Wayne trying to attract people, or have them move away….? I’m almost choosing the latter. From contaminated property purchased, north of Headwaters Park, to rising rent prices and gouging in other markets. A deteriorating water supply system, which the cost of that is pushed onto the customers. Maybe some forethought should have been implemented some sort of savings plan, in the 70’s, to where the extra cost wouldn’t be so much. The most recent snow weather events, Fort Wayne’s street department, messed this whole town up for a week, because they didn’t clean them well enough, the previous weekend. That’s a safety issue, and it affected everyone in this town, schools, transportation, companies that do service work, all tasks took longer, because the road crew didn’t do their job. Can they not do their jobs, like they used too, or is this to, the safety of the people, using the roadways, and sidewalks, affected by money, which the city boasts it has, but can not keep our streets clean, so our children can walk safely to school, or buses can run, yea sure gelling up diesel fuel, yea, maybe a six figure school administrator, can take a cut, so they can purchase some fuel additives, for a couple days. I used to drive a semi, and I have NEVER used any additives,, and not once did my fuel ever gel up.

This cities is a product of this failing and corrupt government we have.. it all trickles down from the top…..

But hey, Trump is a new breed of president. I gotta give it to him, he’s showing the country, what their government is made of, a whole lot talk, and not any walk….


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