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Gas Price Trickle Down Continues Slowly

Gas prices have seen another small drop in price over the past week.  Average gasoline prices in Fort Wayne have fallen 6.3 cents per gallon in the last week, averaging $4.05/gallon, according to GasBuddy’s weekly survey. According to GasBuddy price reports, the cheapest station in Fort Wayne was priced at $3.91/gallon yesterday while the most expensive was $4.25/gallon. The lowest price across all of Indiana yesterday was $3.59/gallon.

The national average price of gasoline is unchanged in the last week, averaging $4.23/gallon. The national average is up 62.4 cents per gallon from a month ago and stands $1.38/g higher than a year ago.

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Slacker06 March 28, 2022 at 8:48 am

Do not be fooled, Dopey King Xo the green weenie of Brandonville intends to force us out of our vehicles. Of course, anyone who thinks about green energy knows it is a boondoggle. Far more pollution and inefficiency is created by making electric cars and the generating infrastructure to charge them up that our existing system. The greenies want electric cars. But will they want all the mining and other production processes it will take to create the batteries, windmills, and solar panels to make their pipe dream come true. Will they accept the thousands of natural environment destroying giant windmills that will be needed to do this? Perhaps they are looking to power the planet on unicorn farts. Do some research. Use some logic to analyze their stooges that push this idea. Why do every process of the Green New Deal require government (OUR) money to fund it. If it makes sense then companies and The People will directly fund it. Why is there no subsidy on a Tesla yet GM, Ford, or Chrysler EV’s are subsidized? Answer: Union Labor at the big three automakers. IT is a giant money laundering process. Have you forgotten Solyndra??


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