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GOP bill would tighten limits on Indiana mail-in voting

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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Democrats are objecting to a Republican-backed proposal that would require Indiana voters who request mail-in ballots to swear under possible penalty of perjury that they won’t be able to vote in person at any time during the 28 days before Election Day.

An Indiana House committee endorsed the bill along party lines Tuesday. Republican Rep. Tim Wesco of Osceola defended the proposal he’s sponsoring as an updating of the state’s mail-in ballot law to reflect the greater availability of early in-person voting over the past couple decades.

“I believe the best policy is to encourage people to vote in person, whether on Election Day or in-person early as much as possible,” Wesco said.

Democrats cited hourslong lines at early voting sites in Indianapolis during the 2020 election and argued that the change would discourage people from selecting their most convenient way of casting a ballot under the penalty of perjury.

Democratic Rep. Carey Hamilton of Indianapolis said many parents who are busy with their children and don’t control their work schedules won’t know whether they can get to an early voting location.

Wesco downplayed such concerns, saying “This is an honor system, basically check the box and vote absentee by mail.”

The bill now goes to the full House for consideration.

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Rocky January 26, 2022 at 3:54 pm

Sure I’ll swear or affirm anything they want. My oath is just as good as the stupid politician’s oath to support the constitution. My word is as good as their word. These are the idiots we keep sending back to represent us. SMH

Rocky's my hero January 27, 2022 at 3:35 pm

I agree Rocky!!

Take a good look at the modern Democrat Party and their voters….They could care less about “Honor” and know there’s a really good chance that voting/election fraud will go unpunished just like in the 2020 Election fraud in all those Blue Cities where all the votes were being counted State-wide. Those Blue Cities all violated their State Election Laws, I’m sure it could just as easily happen in Indianapolis…

And Great point with those stupid Democrat Politicians that say they will support the Constitution…How many Supreme Court Challenges with Biden’s policies are we up to now? And even the Supreme Court Justices….Why are they “liberal” or “conservative”…why not “Constitutional” Only??


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