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Indiana’s abortion ban law on hold

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Network Indiana):

The state’s new abortion law is on hold while a lawsuit filed by Planned Parenthood and several organizations, plays out in court.

Judge Kelsey Hanlon, a special judge in Monroe County, issued an injunction Thursday, as requested by the ACLU and suing parties, that temporarily blocks the law.

This week Ken Falk, an attorney who also serves as legal director for the ACLU Indiana, argued before the judge that Indiana’s constitution implies a right to privacy as a core value, and that within that right, is privacy about a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

That is essentially the same principle upon which the Roe. v. Wade decision was made 49 years ago, that made abortion a constructional right, until that decision was overturned this year in the Dobbs case.

“The Monroe County Circuit Court’s decision for a preliminary injunction on the abortion ban today underscores what we all know: every Hoosier has a fundamental right to privacy,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director for the Indiana Democratic Party

“Only a woman and her doctor should make personal health care decisions, not politicians, and it’s reassuring to see the decision show Hoosiers that the Indiana Republican Party’s effort to ban a legal and safe abortion has crossed the line. But the loser today continues to be taxpayers who at minimum have spent $240,000 to carry out the GOP’s extremist agenda. Enough is enough: A vote for Democrats is a vote to repeal the dangerous abortion ban and we urge all Hoosiers to support pro-choice candidates up and down the ballot this November.”

An attorney representing the state argued that since the state constitution did not specifically state there is a right to privacy, that it essentially does not exist.

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Kayla Blakeslee


Judges need to be held accountable!!! September 22, 2022 at 9:35 am

Judge Kelsey Hanlon should be thrown out and never allowed to practice Law of any sort. This kind of Legislating from the Bench Needs to be outlawed!!!!

The Indiana Law was passed by the Indiana Legislature as ruled by the US Supreme Court and should stand as-passed till the result of this Lawsuit, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Just because the Death Cult pushes an obvious BS Lawsuit.

This Judge needs to have her Financials investigated.

…so disgusting

Slacker06 September 22, 2022 at 10:51 am

Hope voters in Owens county realize they have a pro-death judge wit the ability to rule over them I sure wouldn’t want her presiding over me in any case especially a capitol case. The judges claims that the Indiana constitutions right to “life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness” likely means Abortion is legal. OK, lets think about that. Whose life??? the mother of the child. Whose liberty? The mother or the child? Whose pursuit of happiness? The mother or the child’s? The mothers rights do t=not trump the child’s rights. Restricting abortion as the new law does takes into a account the conflicting rights. Lets assume a murder has the same rights as the murdered. So why do we prosecute the murder for killing the victim? Many laws in Indiana require the parents to take care that their child is protected, fed, clothed,educated, receive health care, etc. Killing the child is not among those responsibilities. This judge is a legal buffoon! Where did she get her law educations????? SCOTUS found that there is no right to an abortion. Our founding documents say the same thing our Indiana Constitution says. So how could one say no and the other say yes??? I wonder if this judge is an investor in the abortion clinics. Killing an innocent baby for convenience is not a right. It is MURDER.

Pat September 22, 2022 at 12:09 pm

“Ken Falk, the ACLU of Indiana’s legal director, wants Indiana to affirm at the state level the same argument that SCOTUS just overturned at the national level — He wants to ignore the right to life that is specifically mentioned in favor of some nebulous, logic-twisting right to privacy not mentioned at all. — Obviously, Judge Hanlon is an activist, pro-abortion judge. biased in favor killing babies.


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