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Large Indiana employers asking utilities for `green tariffs’

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Several of Indiana’s major employers want their local utilities to make it easier for them to buy power generated by wind and solar farms so they can move closer to their renewable energy goals.

Cummins, Salesforce, Roche and other companies recently joined with the cities of Indianapolis and Bloomington in signing a letter that asks Duke Energy and AES Indiana to offer more options for large customers to source their electricity through renewable energy.

They want what’s often called a Green Tariff, which would allow the cities and companies to buy locally produced renewable energy, The Indianapolis Star reported.

The companies, including Walmart and Rivian, penned the letter in conjunction with the Advanced Energy Economy Indiana — the local chapter of a national association of businesses working to accelerate the transition to clean energy.

Caryl Auslander, executive director of Advanced Energy Economy Indiana, said large customers “want to choose renewable energy, and we’re asking Duke and AES to give them more options.”

All green tariff programs would need to be approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission, the state’s utility regulator.

Todd Marty, senior director of sustainability at Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated — the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the U.S. — said it’s hopeful “Indiana utilities can offer more options to purchase our electricity from more sustainable sources of energy, like wind and solar.”

Coca-Cola has committed to reducing carbon emissions 25% by 2030, and one of its bottlers signed onto the letter to Duke and AES.

The two utilities currently offer green pricing programs for residential and business customers under which they pay a premium as an extra charge on their electricity bill to be put toward renewable energy sources in the Midwest.

But green tariff programs are what the large companies and municipalities want. Instead of paying on top of their current bill, those programs would let the companies and cities lock in a new rate that pays directly for the cost of electricity from wind or solar farms.

Both AES and Duke said they are exploring ideas about other renewable offerings that go beyond the existing green power options available to their customers.

“We are glad to talk with these companies and municipalities,” said Duke spokeswoman Angeline Protogere. “We can discuss with these organizations different approaches they are interested in.”

AES Indiana, meanwhile, said it similarly “stands ready to partner with our customers and communities to help create Indiana’s economy for the future.”

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Man-made climate change: The Big Lie December 20, 2022 at 4:23 pm

‘Climate change’ is exclusively about population control. That is it

“more sustainable sources of energy, like wind and solar.”…..Is truly the Big Lie. Young people have been so brainwashed from these Climate Religious fanatics for so long they “believe” it too.

Do a quick Life-cycle analysis on both wind and solar and tell me they are “sustainable”. Anyone with a brain can pull some quick facts online to determine they are not. $9M / wind turbine not including all the

Why does the Government claim there is a consensus in the Scientific Community…because most all of the research is funded by the Government, and they will publish what the Government wants them to publish, otherwise no funding.

THE SUN AS BEING THE REASON IS LEFT OUT OF THE DISCUSSION!!!!!!…the most influential on our climate…want proof….Summertime vs wintertime…what changes….direct sunlight. THAT IS IT

But let me ask you this: what happens when all your climate goals have been met and the climate still changes…what then? Nevermind the Fact the US is only 10% of the world carbon, vs China and India that are 80%.

After the Indiana Regulatory Commission approves smart electric meters in all our houses so they can shut our service off if we use to much when we were TOLD to use less…?

After we all buy electric cars so they can tell us when to charge them and/or can shut the car off with their WiFi kill switch….?

Once upon a time, this Country was about freedom, free market, freedom of movement…but now this Climate Change garbage is being cramped down our throat and is completely absent of fact and reality.


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