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Parkview, Anthem agree to two-day extension

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A contract between Parkview Health and Anthem is now on life support.

Fort Wayne’s biggest healthcare provider and one of the biggest insurers in the nation have agreed to extend their existing agreement to 11:59pm on July 30th as time ran out to make a new deal last night.

“We’ve made progress, but both sides felt it was important to take more time to try to work through our differences rather than allowing the contract to end tonight at midnight,” said Mike Packnett, president and CEO, Parkview Health. “We will continue our discussions in earnest, working to avoid significant disruptions for our patients and area employers.”

The current agreement pertains to all Parkview providers and facilities in Indiana. Parkview Physicians Group providers based in Ohio are not impacted and will remain in-network for Anthem members.

The two sides have been at odds for months over the cost of healthcare. Anthem says Parkview charges too much; Parkview says they’ve presented Anthem with several solutions.

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Steve Brace July 29, 2020 at 10:50 am

Not surprising to find Anthem and Parkview at odds on charges. The Journal reported May 12 2019 that a RAND study showed Parkview was in the top 10 hospitals in a 25 state study for high changes for a service. PV was almost 4 X the charge to private insurance that the same service would be charged if it were a Medicare patient. Interestingly Parkview also enjoys a “not for profit” status that reduces their taxes. So what does the tax payers get for giving Parkview a reduced tax structure. One thing is among the highest service charges of any hospital in 25 states. Along with that however comes some of the most competent providers and up to date equipment in the nation. If you look at Parkview’s local competition you find that IU Health changes 2.8 times the Medicare rate and also enjoys a not for profit status. Lutheran on the other hand charges 2.5 times the Medicare rate to private insurance as well as pays thousands of dollars annually in taxes as a For Profit hospital. As the country grapples with healthcare cost we need to keep in mind if we need a Cadillac or would a Ford focus be ok. One thing is clear from the RAND studies Phase 1 and 2. If all payments were at a Medicare rate the quality, facilities and quantity of available services would be adversely changed. Health care is complicated and expensive. Medicare for all is not the answer.


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