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Pence, Bosma Intraparty Tax Battle Boils Over

INDIANAPOLIS (AP): Tensions between Gov. Mike Pence and House Speaker Brian Bosma over Pence’s proposed personal income tax cut have run afoul of Ronald Reagan’s famous dictum that no Republican should speak ill of another in the heat of an intraparty squabble.

Pence invoked Reagan’s “11th Commandment” at a Republican Party fundraiser last week as he tried to drum up support for his proposal. He pleaded for Bosma and tea partyers Americans for Prosperity to cool their heels.

The tea party group is airing ads chastising House Republicans for opposing Pence’s tax cut.

The ads have angered Bosma. He calls them “erroneous” and contends Pence harmed his own chances within the Legislature by fumbling the campaign rollout of the tax cut proposal last year.

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