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Periods for Pence asking men to call lawmakers about Indiana abortion law

(Photo supplied/Liz Brown for U.S. Congress)

INDIANAPOLIS (WOWO): First it was ‘Periods for Pence‘. Now, that campaign wants to get the guys involved.

Periods for Pence is the movement that began when women started calling Governor Pence’s office with a unique way of protesting his signing of new abortion restrictions in the state – describing to Pence staffers intimate details of their menstrual cycles.

Now, the campaign wants men to start calling the governor and Republican Senator Liz Brown, who was a co-sponsor of the abortion law. What they hope the men will provide are their ‘testicle testimonies.’ “Indiana is a state of gender equality, and it’s only reasonable to expect Gov. Pence and the Legislature to take swift action to regulate men’s reproductive choices like they have those of Hoosier women,” said Kim Saylor, a Periods for Pence supporter. Saylor was most recently in the public eye when she interrupted a rally last year hosted by several pastors in favor of the state’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

The abortion law, once known as HEA 1337, bans abortions if the reason for them is a potential disability, such as Down syndrome. It also bans abortions based on the race or gender of the fetus, and opponents say it forces doctors into the uncomfortable position of trying to read the minds of patients at the risk of being sanctioned by the state.

The law has already been challenged in federal court – Planned Parenthood and the ACLU of Indiana argue that it is unconstitutional because it could restrict access to abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. Their federal lawsuit seeks to delay the law from taking effect as scheduled July 1.

Thousands of people protested the new law during a rally outside the Statehouse on Saturday; several dozen supporters of the law also held a demonstration. Opponents of the law hope the “Testicle Testimonies” campaign, along with the continued national attention received by ‘Periods for Pence’, will continue long into the campaign for governor. “It’s simply unfair to think that the Legislature would neglect to regulate the reproductive systems of men while placing loads of burdensome regulations on Hoosier women. Why should men be left out,” said Saylor.

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