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President Trump declares national emergency, orders full funding for southern border wall

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WOWO): President Donald Trump this morning declared a national emergency in order to fund his long-promised southern border wall, while signing a border funding bill that averts a second government shutdown.

The compromise package that spends $1.4-billion toward border security got through both the House and the Senate with minimal opposition, although it had an easier road in the Senate than the House.

Trump has long said he needed at least $5.7-billion for the border, although new reports say he plans to allocate as much as $8-billion. The President also cited a desire to stop human trafficking and the smuggling of illegal drugs into the country.

“It’s very simple,” Trump said. “We want to stop drugs and criminals from coming into our country.”

Trump’s move will likely lead to legal challenges, and Fox News reports that Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reasoned that if Trump can make such a move to bypass Congress, a Democratic president in the future could do the same to deal with gun violence in the United States.

Speaking to WOWO News this morning, Republican Indiana Congressman Jim Banks said while the move is a “bad precedent” and an example of how Congress has failed to do its job, he sees it as Trump pursuing a “last resort.”

“Government shutdowns need to stop, but I cannot support our dysfunctional system of out-of-control government spending through a broken process: it would never work in the private sector and it certainly doesn’t work in Washington,” says Republican Indiana US Senator Mike Braun. “This legislation did not sufficiently address the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border and left President Trump with no other option than to declare a national emergency, which I support.”

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