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Three people jailed after Steuben County storage facility break in

ANGOLA, Ind. (WOWO): Steuben County Sheriff’s Deputies were called at about 8:00 Saturday Morning to the Clear Lake Storage Garages due to several overhead garage doors being damaged.

Officials soon discovered that the units had been burglarized and that several vehicles along with firearms and power tools among other valuables had been stolen. One of the stolen vehicles was a Chevrolet Tahoe, which was tracked using the OnStar system to a location in southern Michigan.

Michigan State Police, while searching for the Tahoe, located a Ford Mustang, which had also been stolen in the heist, and began a chase which ended in Hillsdale County Michigan with the arrest of 21 year old Ryan Damron of Hudson.

The Tahoe was located at a home in Pittsfield, Michigan. 32 year old Devin K. Hill, homeless and 25 year old Abigail Scholfield were arrested and booked into the Hillsdale County Jail.

All but one vehicle have been recovered and officials say they have also recovered 26 stolen firearms. The investigation is ongoing and felony charges are pending in Steuben County.

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1 comment

brettt August 17, 2021 at 2:03 pm

I am not here to give any pointers here, BUT…
1) Try to be a bit more meticulous when opening the doors to the goods!
If if wasn’t that obvious, it would’ve gone unnoticed for a bit longer, right?.
Now, you’re on the hook for the doors too.. (which you probably don’t have the $$$$’s for that.)

2) Remember to disable the Security/Emergency device!!
You left it running, eh? What is this? Your first time?

3) Need to be 75 miles out, at least!
But, no.. you decided to pilfer less than 50 miles from your destination??
Why didn’t you just set up camp in Edon, across the border!

4) Don’t get greedy!
Had you only taken one item, the owners may have thought they misplaced it.
“Where did i put my Drill?” “Where’s my 9mm plinker?” “Where’d i park that Tahoe?”

Oh, this one just came to me!

5) Don’t Steal!
If it’s not yours, leave it alone.
If the Police steal it back, are you not going to be a little perturbed? …it’s all somewhat circular.

This has been my PSA.
Now they can’t blame society, because i just them some really good pointers!

I feel so proud of myself right now. But, i should get back to work.
..as i am somewhat stea.. err borrowing from the company.


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