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Who will you buy for on Valentine’s Day and where will you buy it?

NATIONWIDE (WOWO) – Offers.com has completed their 2019 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey and has predictions for how much Americans will be spending on their loved ones, where they will purchase their products from and who they will buy for.

According to 1000 U.S. adults, 58% of Americans will be spending money on Valentine’s Day.  That figure is up from the 55% last year. It is predicted that 67% of Americans will spend under $50 and that 4% plan to spend more than $250.

Average spending by relationship type:

  • Engaged: $88
  • In a relationship: $69
  • Married: $55
  • Single: $51

The survey also indicates that men spend about $12 more than women on the holiday with men spending an average of $64 and women spending an average of $52.

Flowers are another favorite and popular Valentine’s Day item to purchase.  According to ProFlowers, 75% of their flower purchases for Valentine’s Day are roses.  However, Vice President of merchandising for ProFlowers, Kate Law, says “unique floral demand is growing” and “people are looking for gifts that are going to stand out this season.”

Customers are starting to think beyond the traditional red rose. As a matter of fact, younger shoppers are looking at things that last longer than roses. Kate Law says that plant purchases, such as succulents or tabletop cacti are increasing, especially with the younger customers.

According to a price survey, traditional gifts like long-stemmed roses and chocolate-covered strawberries are between $8 and $12 more expensive than less-traditional gifts. In the 2019 survey, they predict the most-desired gifts for Valentine’s Day.

What would be your favorite Valentine’s Day Gift?

  • 35% Chocolate or other food treat
  • 21% Flowers
  • 16% Jewelry
  • 10% Electronics including wearables
  • 10% Lingerie
  • 9% Skincare, makeup, perfume/cologne

It is predicted that 43% of Americans will not be purchasing anything for Valentine’s Day this year. However, according to the survey, significant others are the winner for who Americans will be buying for. Of course, preferences vary by gender. Such as, 25% of women say flowers are their favorite while only 18% of men feel the same. 39% of men are said to prefer chocolate or food gifts while 31% of women said the same. Men are also twice as likely to prefer electronics compared to women.

Who Are People Shopping For This Year?

  • 64% Your significant other
  • 21% Your children
  • 6% Yourself
  • 4% Your Pets
  • 3% Your parents or siblings
  • 2% Your Best Friend

The survey indicates the top retailers that Americans plan to purchase their Valentine’s Gift from.

Where Are Americans Shopping on Valentine’s Day?

  • 31% Walmart
  • 29% Amazon
  • 21% Target
  • 7% Macy’s
  • 6% Zales
  • 6% ProFlowers

An interesting finding on the survey is that most Americans are not planning to eat out this year as only 18% of Americans are saying they will be eating out for the holiday. That being said, the survey collected the average Valentine’s Day plans for this year.

Which of the following would describe your Valentine’s Day plans? 

  • 20% Exchanging gifts
  • 12% Going out, but no gifts
  • 66% Not sure

Of course, what Valentine’s Day Survey is complete without listing the most popular treats for Valentine’s Day?

What Is Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Treat?

  • 27% Chocolate
  • 9% Champagne
  • 7% Cupcakes
  • 6% Candy hearts
  • 6% Cookies
  • 4% Cinnamon hearts
  • 52% Do not want treats or don’t have a favorite

The 2019 survey also broke down favorite treats by state. Most Indiana residents prefer chocolate along with our residents in our neighboring states of Ohio, Michigan and Illinois.

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