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Regional Cities in the news, more development for Northeast Indiana with Karen Francisco

Karen Francisco, Editorial Page Editor of the Journal Gazette joined Charly Butcher to talk about the editorial for Sunday about the Regional Cities program. There was a combined meeting of the Allen County Council and Fort Wayne City Council on Tuesday, in which a lot of questions about the program were raised. The chairman of the Regional Development Authority, which will award the money, answered all of the questions that were raised.  The bottom line is that northeast Indiana was fortunate to be selected for the $42 million program. It’s another economic development tool we can use to keep from losing more residents and hopefully to draw better-paying jobs.

Council members seem to be worried that their hand is being forced on tax increases, but they need to weigh the need to support Regional Cities projects with the loss of revenue if the city and county lose population or if wages decline.

There is also a story and some photos about a photography exhibit at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, Daybreak in Myanmar. The photographer, who is from Portland, Oregon, will be here next week to talk about his eight trips to Burma and how the country is changing under new Democratic reforms.

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