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Cupcake drama in Valparaiso

PORTER COUNTY, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA): Over the weekend, Vega Blossom, 19, was waiting in line with her boyfriend at her favorite bakery in Valparaiso. While standing in line to pick up a half-dozen cupcakes, the woman behind her commented, “let’s hope this fat b**** doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.”

“Things like this usually wouldn’t bug me,” Blossom said, “but the fact that I didn’t know these women, and they said this so rudely and loudly — so I could obviously hear it– was different than other times… I swallowed the hurt and thought of the best possible thing I could do back to them that wasn’t horrible, but that would teach them a lesson about respecting others.”

In retaliation, she bought all the cupcakes left in the bakery, all 20 giant cupcakes and three regular-sized ones. Blossom posted the incident on Facebook and received over 70-thousand hits.

Since the incident, Blossom has received multiple delivers of cupcakes from the bakery.

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