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FWPD releases protest arrest info

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): The following is a list of arrests made during and after protests in Fort Wayne Friday broke down into riots, as well as Saturday’s protests led to ongoing clashes with officers.

Charges were for disorderly conduct, vandalism, and failure to leave an emergency area.

Shane Allen, 8/29/82, Galien, Mich., W/M

Austin Otolski, 11/12/90, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Peregrine Waszkiewicz, 8/11/94, Freemont, Ind., W/F

Andrew Senter, 12/5/79, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Joseph Gunbecker, 9/20/77, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Chase Kirkpatrick, 6/15/01, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Brian Clark, 6/12/91, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Jerwuan Taylor, 5/15/01, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Aaron Stange, 4/16/96, Niles, Mich., W/M

Tommy Smith, 3/12/91, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Rowan Tsiguloff, 5/10/98, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Marcus Garcia, 8/14/74, Sweetser, Ind., H/M

Patrick Liming, 4/6/98, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Princess Jackson, 12/6/99, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Lauren Conklin, 12/23/92, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Cynthia Long, 6/20/79, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Kenneth Sexton, 6/1/88, Mishawaka, Ind., W/M

April Noble, 3/28/99, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Kirra Verschure, 11/19/01, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Donald Warren, 11/16/71, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Matthew Miller, 8/1/90, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Chadwick Brown, 3/5/84, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Justin Hamilton, 9/22/89, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Saion Thomas, 3/5/99, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Brooklyn Harrison, 12/6/95, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Bryan White, 8/8/92, New Haven, Ind., W/M

Allen Morris, 3/4/86, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Joseph Porter, 4/21/85, Ft. Wayne, B/M

John Doe, no DOB, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Peter Mambu, 1/15/92, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Taureen Daniel, 9/2/88, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Michael Delzoppo, 7/31/97, Ft. Wayne, W/M

William Dunigan, 11/28/81, Bluffton, Ind., B/M

Leonard Easterly, 11/6/93, Silver Lake, Ind., B/M

Carlos Garcia, 1/23/02, Ft. Wayne, H/M

Michael Goldsworthy, 9/8/97, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Christopher Groleau, 2/5/89, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Scott Higgens, 10/25/87, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Breon Jones, 3/7/88, Warsaw, IN, B/M

Aristotle King, 10/24/99, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Ye Ko, 2/7/01, Ft. Wayne, A/M

Gregory Locke, 1/8/90, Ft. Wayne, H/M

Darrick Mamon, 11/23/98, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Anthony Newsome, 12/13/01, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Dajia Ridley, 3/31/00, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Demarcus Rile, 6/25/88, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Brian Scanlon, 5/8/73, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Aniyah Smith, 1/14/98, Fort Wayne, B/F

Blake Stoneman, 8/13/91, Ionia, MI, W/M

Alphonse Vongphakdy, 5/8/99, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Dominic Wardell, 5/20/90, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Joseph Penino, 10/28/93, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Aung Kyaw, 10/6/97, Ft. Wayne, A/M

Sadie White, 11/13/95, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Ester Beal, 8/13/97, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Jamie Gessner, 9/1/97, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Jalin Brown, 3/28/98, Indianapolis, Ind., B/F

Arryon Starks, 12/7/00, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Jazmin Morales, 6/18/98, Wolcottville, Ind., H/F

Aung Kyaw, 10/6/97, Ft. Wayne A/M

Jacob Morken, 10/11/93, Ft. Wayne, H/M

Kiya Robertson, 5/29/02, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Shaelyn Clark, 3/22/02, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Victoria Hardy, 11/9/93, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Lashaya Lee, 12/14/01, Ft. Wayne, B/F

Kayla Carber, 7/10/99, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Hanna Hackworth-Webber, 4/21/97, Ft. Wayne, H/F

Lucas Williams, 7/29/00, Hudson, Ind., W/M

Noah Tippman, 5/5/98, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Ryan Boyle, 9/24/99, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Hunter Combs, 1/13/00, Bluffton, Ind., W/M

Zachary Staker, 10/22/92, Churubusco, Ind., W/M

Samuel Robison, 5/29/94, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Carlina Hoag, 6/9/00, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Kara Burland, 6/16/96, Kendalville, Ind., W/F

Emily Masterson, 5/13/95, Carol Stream, Ill., W/F

Ravin Webster, 12/26/01, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Clark Herbert, 2/7/97, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Darius Richardson, 1/7/98, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Christopher Conley, 8/13/81, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Dale Olinger, 2/3/98, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Keston Beachem, 2/17/02, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Kashon Bass-Conley, 8/15/00, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Cecelia Graves, 12/9/98, Ft. Wayne, W/F

Maxfield Adams, 4/16/02, Ft. Wayne, W/M

Rayquise Anderson, 4/23/93, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Cory Arnett, 10/12/89, Wabash, Ind., W/M

Carissa Arnett, 2/12/94, Huntington, Ind., W/F

Gary Beamish, 7/17/93, Ft. Wayne, H/M

Alexander Bechtol, 3/20/00, Wabash, Ind., W/M

Korrey Brady, 126/88, Ft. Wayne, B/M

Aaron Cabello-Casteneda, 12/9/92, Ft. Wayne, H/M

Maricela Calvillo, 8/13/99, Ft. Wayne, H/F

Christopher Charmichael, 3/1/92, Topeka, Ind., W/M

Jamison Chapman, 12/12/97, Gardner, N.C., B/M

Kori Bennett, 4/21/97, Fort Wayne, Ind., W/F
Dujan Harris, 12/23/98, Address not provided by FWPD, B/F

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Michael June 1, 2020 at 4:18 am

Take this down your might be putting these people in danger

Darrin Wright June 1, 2020 at 4:21 am

This is publicly available information, released by police, and no addresses have been published.

Pat June 1, 2020 at 9:34 am

not likely — these criminals are the ones putting other people in danger — they need to be held accountable

Buck June 1, 2020 at 10:07 am

There’s consequences for actions people take Michael. Go back to your liberal bed and rest your head on your favorite “hillary” pillow.

Noel Ingram June 1, 2020 at 11:06 am

They willingly went out there to protest, they weren’t worried about being in danger then. Chances you take when you make certain decisions.

Kelso June 1, 2020 at 11:37 am

These are not criminals you imbeciles i know some personally on this list. None that would hurt a fly. Just people standing for what they feel is right.

DEMOCRACY IS DEAD June 1, 2020 at 12:07 pm

Now go ahead and post resources for how we can get them out. This is horrifying and these people are not criminals. POST BAIL FOR ALL PEOPLE UNLAWFULLY ARRESTED THIS WEEKEND STILL ILLEGALLY SITTING IN JAIL CELLS

Buck June 1, 2020 at 12:15 pm

Oh and for the people who ignorantly thought, “I never thought this would happen here.” You’re disillusioned. Get out once in a while.

Your daddy June 1, 2020 at 5:24 pm

Typical talk from a guy named buck!! Now go love your sis

Milton Chavez June 1, 2020 at 1:17 pm

A few out of towners riling up the locals to violence is all it takes to hyjack a peaceful demonstration and provoke the locals to destroy their own communities. This about George Soros bused goons using George Floyd’s death as a reason to cause chaos and blame it all on Trump. The riots in other cities are too well synchronized and coordinated. The Covid 19 crisis and FISA, Russia, Flynn narratives are falling apart so I am not surprised that Deep State actors have found another event for MSM coverage to distract the public. I expect other events to suddenly emerge. And as expected Pelosi and Schumer are blaming Trump in spite of Trump calling for an FBI investigation into Floyd’s death. “Never let a good crisis go to waste” is what Deep State players say and they wasted no time using the Floyd incident to advance their agenda to destabilized the country and blame POTUS. They want chaos so bad… people to stay at home, people to be unemployed, people to be in fear of a virus, of rioters, of government, etc. We are watching a very desperate losing global cabal use last ditch tactics to manipulate the public as usual to maintain their wealth and power. This is all about the election in November and who wins…the Deep State or the Earth Alliance.

Margie June 1, 2020 at 6:06 pm

Sad. I recognize a few names Good kids, good families, bad choice.

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