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Governor Mike Pence Declares Winter Weather Preparedness Week

INDIANA, (WOWO): Governor Mike Pence has declared November 16-22 as Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana.

As we all know, the colder weather has settled into the Midwest and with it's arrival,  state leaders want to encourage Hoosiers to begin preparing now, for what could be a very cold and snowy winter season.


Some home readiness tips include:

– Homeowner’s insurance policy should be reviewed to ensure coverage is adequate for the type of weather that regularly occurs in the area. Identify what is excluded from the policy.

– Remove dead branches from nearby trees. The added weight of ice and snow, along with winds, may cause limbs to snap and damage property.

– Clean gutters now before snow and ice build-up. If gutters are clogged while ice and snow are thawing, water can back up under the roof and eaves, causing water damage inside the house. Consider buying screens to keep gutters debris-free.

– Many fires related to alternative heating sources (wood stoves, fireplaces, space heaters) are preventable and caused by poor maintenance. Keep alternative heat sources away from flammable material. Before installing a wood-burning stove, check with local officials about codes and proper installation techniques.

During winter weather, it is important to leave extra time to drive. Do not call city, county or state police to check on road conditions – police agencies across the state want to keep phone lines open for emergency phone calls. Dial toll-free 1-800-261-ROAD (7623) for updated Indiana travel information, including road conditions, road closures, crashes and other traffic alerts.

Winter weather preparedness week is also a good time to make a car readiness kit. These kits should include:

– At least two blankets or a sleeping bag

– Flashlight and extra batteries

– Jumper cables

– Emergency flares

– Extra clothing, including boots, hats and gloves

– Shovel

– Bottled water and non-perishable food

– First aid kit and necessary medication

– Sand or non-clumping cat litter for tire traction

– Cell phone and charger for vehicle use

– Ice scraper and snow brush


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