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Phil Silverman December 4, 2020 at 10:54 pm

Updated November 21st, 2020

✓ To pay 25 million dollars in Elder Abuse Civil Action Suit (Trump University )
✓ NY Att. Gen. closed down his Foundation
✓ Opted out of Global COVAX , an advanced program of testing and tracing
✓ Trump withholding Security briefs from the president – elect
✓ Trump has used mail to solicit funds to challenge election vote count but appears to be using those funds to pay his debts
✓ Files suit on states in which he is leading , 2020
✓ Fires, over Twitter, the Secretary of Defense
✓ publicly implied Joe of “morning Joe” (cable host ) is a murderer
✓ Implies that Doctors / hospitals inflate covid19 death numbers to skim off sales and delivery of life – saving equipment
✓ Trump interfered in a US court case involving a Turkish bank , using Barr to squelch the case
✓ Does not contact , actually trivializes death threat to, the Michigan Governor
✓ Jared Kushner allowed to say that his father in law “freed America from the doctors “
✓ Trump at a CA loudly mocked masks , as fully pervious to a deadly virus
✓ He refused to divest and continues to violate the emoluments clause
✓ Garnered 215 indictable charges during his administration , first term ; Obama , 0
✓ Executive order to strip workplace protections for [Veterans in ] Civil Service
✓ Trump calls upon the Attorney General to “lock up” his opponent before Election Day
✓ Trump had most of his Illinois debt forgiven ; and , all of his New Jersey debt , forgiven .
✓ Trump family is no longer allowed to run Charities in New York, as it stole from a Children’s Cancer Fund
✓ After the Justice Department exonerates Obama and Biden , he calls for their arrest
✓ Trump says he will use his own money to run in 2016 but solicits from everyday Americans and collects from enemy countries
✓ At the Border, 545 children have been waiting to be reunited with their parents. Trump has no plan for such a reunion .
✓ Health and Human Services R. Bright resigns rather than promote unproven covid19 drug
✓ Calls Dr. Fauci an “idiot “. A man who advised all Presidents, since Reagan .
✓ Says at a Town Hall, that 85% of those infected with covid19 , wore masks – referring to a small control group
✓ ICE non-criminal detainees cut off from 9-1-1 calls
✓ His taxes released 2020 reveal a long-time tax cheat
✓ Wants to end online Section 230, which warns against fraudulent posts
✓ Pays taxes only to other countries
✓ His Law Enforcement advisors (including the Attorney General ) illegally met in secret .
✓ Reported, that he ordered his staff to make supportive comments about alleged 17 year old shooter of protestors
✓ Tells FEMA to stop sending protective gear to schools during the pandemic
✓ While getting treatment for a deadly, easily transmitted disease, he orchestrates a tax – funded motorcade outside the Hospital.
✓ Tried to take food stamps away from 700,000 unemployed Americans
✓ His covid19 treatment involves medicine derived from abortions
✓ Trump’s Bureau of Land Management Advisor never confirmed by the Senate
✓ In Michigan , he says “I got ya back your auto plants !” It was Obama / Biden
✓ Says many prominent Jewish leaders are part of [an anti – American ] “global power structure”
✓ Encourages mail-in voters , during a pandemic , to visit polling places soon , to confirm their votes counted . If votes not yet counted …vote again
✓ Trump threatens New York State with bottom of list for covid19 Vaccine delivery
✓ When Bill O’Reilly says to him Putin is a killer , he says America also kills. He will continue to admire him.
✓ Hires Scott Atlas ,radiologist , viewed on Fox News, as an admin expert on covid19
✓ Advises Nebraska aug 23 to use masks ; 2 weeks later , no such recommendation
✓ Trump wants DOJ to intervene on a personal libel case
✓ Head of NOAA is a climate-change denier
✓ Head of Child Resettlement is a Anti-Abortion Activist who tracked the cycles of detainees at the border
✓ Assistant secretary of health says there will be bloodshed if Biden wins; not fired , just given Leave
✓ Wants to sue States who allow mail-in voting, during a pandemic
✓ Claims to have placed an impervious block on travel from China , after the identification of covid19. New York alone allowed at least 40,000 travelers , afterward .
✓ Reportedly , defrauded an insurance company , for Mar a Lago damage
✓ Takes credit for Obama’s Veteran Access to Care Act
✓ Calls African nations, “sh*thouses”
✓ Reportedly, he refused to honor Veterans at France cemetery because the weather would mess up his hair . Also, asked , in France , “Which side was the good guys?”
✓ Trump campaign 2020 hiding payments to Jason Miller, who is in Child-Custody battle
✓ Trump wants to cancel all contracts for Racial Diversity programs
✓ Said forest fires are spread by people who don’t sweep away branches and leaves
✓ Said wind turbines cause cancer
✓ He runs a Republican National Convention, on federal grounds .
✓ His replacement for Intelligence Director, McGuire is Radcliffe , who refuses to brief the congress but chooses to brief selected newspapers , on Russian Interference
✓ His Senate leader refused to pass a bill on Election protection
✓ Is encouraging a slowdown of the latest census , for political reasons
✓ Encourages North Carolina voters to vote for him twice
✓ Cut funds for global pandemic detection
✓ Pardons Roger Stone , coordinator of Russian interference in 2016 election
✓ Tries to send Michael Cohen back to jail to slow down the publishing of his book
✓ Fires the Inspector General , a gov’t watchdog
✓ Fires postmaster general , replaces him w gop fundraiser , who immediately slows down operations (for mail – in)
✓ Fires the US Attorney who was investigating his allies
✓ Is not interested in reported bounty paid to enemies to target our soldiers
✓ Pulled away from protecting Kurds, upon recommendation of enemy nation diplomat
✓ Seeks to overturn obamacare , with no replacement , during a pandemic
✓ Tries to un-fire his friend Flynn, using an Attorney General
✓ Fires Pandemic Team
✓ Is indifferent to Covid19 testing and tracing . Discourages testing , because it tends to show true numbers
✓ Stalls two months before taking action on Corona Virus , then blamed Obama for lack of test – kits
✓ Says that Obama was responsible for “32 massacres “
✓ Stalls on providing stimulus money to Native-Americans
✓ His Health Dept. placed coronavirus victims on the same passenger flight as non-infected
✓ Wonders out loud if ingesting bleach might be a cure for the Coronavirus (poison centers get increase in calls)
✓ Says 99% of covid19 cases are “harmless”
✓ Cut funds to World Heath Organizations
✓ Cut funds for Centers of Disease Control
✓ Said Ivanka created 14,000,000 jobs
✓ Ivanka travels to China as White House Advisor, to return with 50 trademarks
✓ No Home Land Security Director (2020)
✓ No Navy Secretary (2020)
✓ firing of federal disabled workers has increased 24%
✓ Mocked disabled reporter
✓ Repeals OSHA Safety Standards
✓ Trashes deceased husband of Debbie Dingell
✓ Appears to be close friends with several high profile pedofiles
✓ Trump silent on Russian aggression on American troops , in Syria
✓ Shut down the government for 35 days to punish Democrats who refused to fund his Wall
✓ Withheld congressionally – approved military aid to Ukraine , 84 days ,and a White House meeting with U leader , waiting for the Ukraine leader to agree to investigate a potential campaign opponent , in 2016
✓ Trump uses (unaware ) immigrants and New York renters in campaign videos
✓ Trump family wedding planner hired to run New York Housing Authority
✓ Not one of the 120 million dollars to investigate Russian election interference , has been spent
✓ Apparently is shutting down already – paid – for Republican primaries
✓ Cuts funding to NATO
✓ Trump withdraws from the United Nations Human Rights Council
✓ Pardons Military people at Leavenworth disciplined for a reason (to get back at war heros now testifying against him ?)
✓ Fires Navy Secretary who disagreed with his intervention on behalf of Eddie Gallagher
✓ Reportedly , 16.8 million$ in campaign funds skimmed by Trump
✓ Refuses to sign global cybersecurity pact
✓ Wants to kick 3,000,000 off Food Stamps
✓ Wants to kick 32,000,000 off Healthcare
✓ Reportedly , entered into illegal agreement with Turkish bank (Barr and Mnuchin as partners )
✓ Trump appointed 8 members of his golf club to Administration staff positions
✓ Appears to have lied to manipulate stock markets
✓ Bypasses congress to send 8 billion dollars of “emergency aide “ to Saudi Arabia
✓ Fired Ukraine foreign ambassador for his own political advantage
✓ Encouraged Capitol members to violate House protocols by physically disrupting an Impeachment inquiry
✓ Reportedly , will not allow a US member of the UN committee on Racism
✓ Without conferring with allies , he withdraws troops from Syria , leaving Syria vulnerable to turkey
✓ Reportedly , sold high tech. , in secret , to Saudis after Khashoggi murder
✓ Defunded planned parenthood , a resource for working poor women
✓ His Senate Leader has stalled 400 bills, as of 10-19-2019
✓ Reportedly , Trump resort has had 40 Air Force visits (while other sites have been previously approved )
✓ Vice President urged by Trump to stay 180 miles away from targeted visit location in Ireland (a Trump property )
✓ Plans to run a no-bid event – G7 meeting – in 2020, at one of his for-profit businesses
✓ Planned meeting with Taliban at Camp David around the anniversary of “9-1-1”
✓ Asks at a rally , “who do you like more, the Country , or the Hispanics ?”
✓ Ordered a non staffer , Lewandowski , to deliver order to Sessions , to lie about Russian – Trump connection in 2016 election
✓ Altered official weather map to conform to his gaffe on a storm direction
✓ Trump , Junior apparently skimmed a Cancer Fund – meant for St. Jude
✓ Agrees to fund infrastructure one day , declines on the next
✓ Reportedly , wants to nuke a hurricane out of the sky
✓ His choice for USDA Chief Scientist is not a Scientist
✓ Cancels trip to Denmark because he found he couldn’t “buy”Greenland, a sovereign nation
✓ Withdraws absurd Radcliffe selection , under pressure
✓ Called new Federal Reserve Chairman an “enemy “
✓ “Ordered “USA companies to look away from China as a trade partner
✓ Rolled back clean air and water protections
✓ Rolled back support of poor children in public schools
✓ Allegedly used secret service to hide undocumented immigrant workers on one of his properties
✓ Said 92 million sent to Puerto Rico for storm relief . It was 43 million designated and 14 million used. He showed up to throw paper towels around
✓ Pressures Interior Department to approve permit for large campaign donor , to develop in Arizona
✓ Wants to overturn Obama rule on mentally ill purchase of guns
✓ reportedly used Mob to gain 3 Casino licenses ; used Mob cement on Trump Tower
✓ did not pay 25 million dollars in tax to NJ
✓ illegal business venture in Cuba
✓ Department heads at DHS and FEMA gone
✓ hired Cabinet Secretaries who don’t believe in the EPA and Public Education
✓ claimed noise from wind turbines causes cancer
✓ said suspicious Russian meeting of June , 2016 was about adoption
✓ on television encouraged Russia to spy on his Presidential opponent
✓ deferred to Putin , not his Intel Chiefs, on Russian interference
✓ Pushes for nuclear weaponization of an Arab league nation
✓ Sought to ban Islamic countries (ones in which he does no business ) ,from visiting the US.
✓ used campaign funds to pay hush money to hardcore porn star
✓ forced environmental agency to drop climate change references from its’ website
✓ Asks court to restrict Federal Unions
✓ Proposed a 26 billion dollar cut to Social Security
✓ violates Emoluments Clause
✓ blamed his action in Yemen on Obama’s General
✓ said Obama wiretapped Trump Tower
✓ appears trump can no longer get a personal loan from a USA bank
✓ said GOP is Party of Healthcare while GOP says HC is a privilege
✓ ignored Security Clearance warnings to provide SC to family members
✓ said Russian leader/executioner is a better leader than Barack Obama
✓ lied about Obama’s birthplace
✓ lied about who will fund the Wall
✓ Seized pentagon funds to protect us from WMD attack , to pay for his pet project , the Wall
✓ lied that his Tax Plan won’t be for rich only
✓ 11 million Americans lose 323 billion in deductions from his Tax Plan
✓ 4 Pharma giants gain greatly from his Tax Plan
✓ lied about revealing his own taxes
✓ lied about his business partnership with Putin
✓ dodged the draft in 1972
✓ called an American prisoner of war a non-hero
✓ Took credit for McCain’s work on improved Veterans Medical service, utilizing Federal funds as necessary
✓ at CIA Wall of Fallen Heros, he spoke only of his Inaugural attendance count
✓ Came within one minute of starting WW3, by initiating bombing of Iran
✓ suggested opponent’s Father was a co-conspirator on 11-22-63
✓ Transportation Secretary /wife of Senate Leader ,won’t divest of stock in country’s largest asphalt company
✓ Opted out of Obama’s Nuke Deal with Iran , allowing Iran to build WMDs without outside inspection
✓ Erroneously sent wmd attack warning to hawaii
✓ published comparison of his wife’s picture (portrait ) with that of opponent’s wife
✓ said New York Times is failing when it is just behind Wall Street Journal
✓ seeks to outlaw public lampooning of a President
✓ twists second amendment to fit business plan of Gun Manufacturers
✓ seeks to weaken our first line of defense, NATO
✓ Withdrew the US from the Paris Accords
✓ Removed Obama restrictions on Big Oil / Energy , creating environmental nightmare
✓ Hired ex- Coal Lobbyist as EPA Director
✓ declared National Emergency at border , then said “there was no need”
✓ wants to seize Defense money (to be used to protect us from hostile WMD countries, to build wall extension
✓ considered “swapping “ KGF for FBI
✓ removed military training program in South Korea , for nothing in return
✓ claims to be friend of Israel while he supports her enemies : Russia and North Korea ; sells arms to Saudi Arabia (member of the Arab League); ends Obamas Iran Plan , which prevented Iran from finalizing a WMD
✓ Trump initially tried to lift ALL sanctions on Russia
✓ says he cannot get a fair trial with a Latino judge , then shows little interest in Puerto Rico hurricane recovery , hires fly by night co. to provide 18M meals – delivered 50k; a number of contractors overcharged and delivered half of what they were contracted for
✓ said of Native-Americans casino competitors , “they don’t even look like Indians!”
✓ has distanced trading partners: Mexico, Canada, Australia , Germany
✓ border policy results in 3,000 missing children / 3 year olds kept in cages
✓ record of being a Slumlord
✓ Justice Department lawsuit on hiring discrimination , against Trump family
✓ Has not retracted his statement about the “Central Park five “
✓ said to have gotten rich by not paying contractors , business partners , laborers (known to have hired illegals; his Tower made of mob cement and built by workers from China)
✓ lied his way on to the Forbes list
✓ Nullifies Obama’s Fair Wage in the Workplace Order of 2014
✓ with a GOP Congress he spiked the debt and deficit
✓ has kicked 13 million off healthcare, looking now at over 30 million
✓ wants nullification of Roe v. Wade and criminalization of abortion
✓ pardoned a convicted racist
✓ cannot get a personal loan in his own country; reportedly owes foreign banks approximately 750 million dollars
✓ could owe the State of New York 400 million dollars
✓ tried to bribe two Attorney Generals
✓ uses the Presidential Seal in a decorative way at his commercial venues
✓ 2017 Inauguration Committee appears to have been open to foreign bribery
✓ Tariffs resulting in thousands of farm closings and steel workers layoffs
✓ His government shutdown disrupted USDA loans / RD appropriations for 35 days
✓ Encourages Homeland Security Chief to lie in exchange for a pardon
✓ Skimmed off a Cancer fund for a Golf Tournament
✓ His inauguration committee to be investigated for over-raising, etc.
✓ He cut off the Press, and his Attorney General, to hold a private meeting with Russians , in which he bragged about firing his FBI Director, and shared Israeli defense secrets
✓ As of May 6th, 2019, we have no Secretary of Defense and Director of Homeland Security
✓ Nominates Drug Regulator who tripled the price of Insulin
✓ Rolled back Obama order for Fair Pay in the Workplace order (for Women )
✓ Sends 62 million dollars of USA tax money to corrupt manufacturers in Brazil
✓ Wants 2 billion dollars to fight ET (“space force “)
✓ Wants to renew off – shore drilling
✓ Objects to a news channel running a Town Hall Meeting with candidates opposed to his words and actions
✓ Trump to lift sanctions on Russian oligarchs
✓ Reported Trump administration plan to take 64 billion$ from Social Security
✓ Says to Congress no money for infrastructure unless you stop investigating me ( doesn’t seem to know Pelosi now runs the cash drawer)
✓ Eight Trump officials have recently used a private server like Hillary
✓ Praised Putin when he said he needed to cut 755 Intel workers in Russia
✓ Lost lawsuit against the nfl (which he trashes today )
✓ Trump gives attorney general carte Blanche to investigate the Russian – election hacking investigation ; to investigate his enemies ; to release at will documents affecting national security
✓ Hid USS John S. McCain in Japan while he spoke
✓ Requests 12 billion dollars to pay Farmers hurt by his Tariffs


jm July 10, 2021 at 8:47 pm

yes, he was re-elected

jim napier December 7, 2020 at 1:43 pm

Seen these lists before. Not one can be substantiated or even understood as being correct or of ill consequences. Is Hatch or any democrat going to show or reveal their list of ill repute? Phil Silverman might want to put away his “Let’s get Trump” pen and find a real, honest job. If even two or three of these issues were valid Trump would have been indicted long ago, kind of like Biden’s son has been in the Ukraine.

Celia Tiberio December 19, 2020 at 2:37 pm

Thanking you with all my HEART ❤

cecile g parris December 30, 2020 at 2:06 pm

Hmmm. Congratulations on this phoney list. BTW, is Biden lilly-white? I think not!


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