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Mayor Tom Henry Officially Announces He’ll Seek Third Term


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): It's official, Mayor Tom Henry announced Tuesday afternoon, that he's seeking his third term as Mayor of the City of Fort Wayne.

Mayor Henry was joined by a crowd of supporters at Bergstaff Place near downtown Fort Wayne as he declared his re-election. He also took the time to discuss his vision for Fort Wayne's future.

“I continue to be encouraged by the impressive progress we're experiencing in our City,” said Mayor Henry. “We're moving in the right direction. I want to continue to serve as your Mayor so we can finish the proactive efforts that we've led to enhance job and business growth, revitalize our downtown, build strong neighborhoods, and provide the quality of life amenities that make our community unique and attractive.”

He also talked about the progress being made in the Summit City and about some the challenges that city has faced, including crime and unemployment.

“I envision a Fort Wayne where we're committed to engagement, innovation, and performance to be a leader in providing excellent services,” said Mayor Henry. “We're making a name for ourselves. I want our City to be a destination place where other communities compare themselves to us. We must keep going. We can't stop and be passed by. We're working together to make a meaningful difference to move Fort Wayne forward in a positive direction.”

A Fort Wayne native, Henry has been mayor of Indiana's second-largest city since 2008.

“I believe in the City of Fort Wayne. I appreciate the dedication and commitment that I see each day from residents, business owners, young professionals, and the growing and thriving education system in our community,” said Mayor Henry. “I am running for Mayor to ensure we continue to strive for greatness. We have so much going for us right now as we continue to build on our accomplishments as a national leader in setting the pace as a model City.”


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