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New bill in the state Senate would stop groups of protesters

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA): If you’ve ever been part of a protest or have seen one happening, you know that protesters want to be seen and heard. A new bill being presented this year in the state Senate would allow police to remove the group if there are 10 or more gathered and they are obstructing traffic.

A group gathered to protest the bill at the State House Wednesday. Some of those protesters, including Dominic Dorsey, founder of an activist group called “Don’t Sleep”, believe state lawmakers could use the bill, if it passes, as a way to silence protesters.

“So when we’re talking black lives matter, when we talked about reproductive justice, when we’re talking about the Affordable Care Act… a lot of these things happen beneath the radar and people aren’t aware and aren’t paying attention. You may be late to your next destination, but I guarantee you’re going to wonder why there were people in the streets and you’re going to be awake.”

The bill will get a hearing in the Senate Committee on Local Government.

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