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Study: Fort Wayne Among Worst Cities for Halloween

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): There's another quality of life study, sort of, that finds Fort Wayne lacking. Well at least lacking in Halloween spirit.

We've had the study's that gauge fitness, affordability and boredom, now there's one looking at Halloween. WalletHub's Best and West Cities for Halloween puts the Summit City at 92nd of 100 US Cities.

It considers 15 factors, including crime rate, availability costume and candy stores, average temperature and the all so important occupied houses.

You know you can't get candy, if no one is home.

St. Paul, Minnesota is first, Winston-Salem, North Carolina is last. Indianapolis is 53rd.

According to the study:

Halloween in Fort Wayne (1=Best; 50=Avg.) 

  • 25th – % of the Population Aged 14 or Younger

  • 36th – % of Occupied Housing Units

  • 91st – Walk Score

  • 26th – Crime Rate

  • 48th – # of Halloween Costume Stores per Capita

  • 74th – # of Candy Stores per Capita

  • 92nd – Temperature Difference (on Halloween vs. Ideal)

  • 86th – # of Bars per Capita

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