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Suspect Killed in Shootout with Police

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): Just after 8 o’clock this morning, police responded to a home on Weymouth Court near Cook and Coldwater roads because of a disturbance that resulted in a police action shooting. A 22-year-old adult male was pronounced dead at the scene.

Initial information received indicated that a resident at this home was under the influence of a mind- or mood-altering drug(s) and that he was behaving irrationally, and that he had access to a gun. As the first responding officers attempted to make contact, the suspect fired shots inside the home and at the officers. The suspect then gained access to a vehicle and pursued one of the officers into the front drive of a neighboring home. The suspect then exited the vehicle and exchanged gunfire with that officer and the other officers on the scene. The suspect was fatally wounded. There were no physical injuries to the responding officers, and there were no injuries reported to any bystanders or residents in the neighborhood.

Because the suspect was firing indiscriminately, in multiple directions, neighboring homes were found to have been struck by gunfire; those homes became part of the investigation and are also being processed by crime scene technicians. There were four officers involved and they will be placed on administrative leave in accordance with departmental policy.


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