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Tips for helping pets in the heat

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The Allen County SPCA and Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control are offering tips for pet owners to help keep their pets safe in the high temperatures.

Even with the windows cracked, temperatures inside of a car can reach up to 115-degrees in just minutes on a 95-degree day.  Dogs cannot sweat, they pant when they are hot to cool off and panting a lot can cause them to exert a good amount of energy which can cause them to succumb to very quickly to heat exhaustion.

Jessica Henry from the Allen County SPCA says “In these temperatures, it’s ridiculous at all to leave your animal in a car that’s not running with the air-conditioning on.”  She says in that case, it is best to leave your dog at home in the air-conditioning so you don’t ever have to worry about anything like that.

When it comes to walking your dog in these temps, Henry says it is best to just let them have short bathroom breaks and then bring them back inside.  Especially for those dogs with short noses like bulldogs and pugs.  Henry says “I treat these weather conditions just like I would frigid temperatures.”  She says if your dogs need exercise, the Allen County SPCA has tips on their website, with activities that you can do indoors without having to take them out into the heat.

Hot blacktop asphalt, concrete or any hard surface can also be harmful to your pet’s paws.  If you need to take your dog outside for a small walk, be sure to keep them in the grass as it will be cooler than anything else.

Holly Pasquinelli of Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control tells WOWO News officers are patrolling the area for animals that have been left outside in the dangerous heat:

“We’ve been getting lots of calls of people reporting animals in distress, or left outside in the heat, or even in some cars. We have had to impound some animals that have been left outside.”

A recent City ordinance mandates that if temperatures rise above 85-degrees, or a heat advisory or warning is in effect, owners must bring the animal inside in a climate-controlled structure.

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