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A New Highly Addictive Drug is Making Its Way to the U.S.

INDIANA, (WOWO): It’s as addictive as heroin, produces green lesions on your skin and it can kill you. It’s a new synthetic drug called Krokodile.

It started in Russia as a substitute for heroin. Cookers make it using ingredients like codeine, iodine and gasoline. Poison Control Expert, Mark Ryan says seven cases of overdoes have been reported here in the United States.

“In the begging of 2012, the poison center’s national poison data system, that we all provide our date into, picked up two cases in Okalahoma. Two people who came in, who were admitted, looked like patients that had been burned, that’s what these guys look like and those two patients died.”

Use of the drug in Russia is at an epidemic level; with health officials there saying 150-thousand people have died after using the drug last year.



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