Biden Allowing Enough Illegals From Red China into the U.S. to make an Infantry Division

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Democrats are Sell-Outs February 21, 2024 at 3:07 pm

In the Beginning, Democrats fought against Republicans so Democrats could own their slaves…
The Republican Party was Formed to oppose Slavery…..
After Democrats lost the Civil War, Democrats installed Jim Crow Laws to keep former Slaves from being full citizens…
Democrats also had their KKK to further intimidate people, keeping them suppressed…..
Democrats fought against women and their right to Vote…thank you Senate and House Republicans….
Democrats installed Federal handouts to promote dependency on Government….
Democrats fought against the Civil Rights Act….
Joe Biden (specifically) fought for school segregation [1975]…..
Joe Biden (specifically) gave the Eulogy for the funeral of KKK Robert Byrd [2010 during Obamas Term]….

Democrats threaten to pack the Supreme Court to get their way….
Democrat DA’s/Judges ignore the Law to push agendas [see pretty much ever Lawsuit against Trump]….
Democrats fight for Speech sensorship, anti-religious freedom….
Democrats FBI & DOJ criminalize various pro-America/Pro-freedom aspects…
Democrats fight to have many different conflicts or Wars for the US to Participate in….
Democrats ignore the Law and Constitution such as the vaccine mandates, 2nd A rulings, student loan forgiveness, the Border [only to name a few]……
Democrats are installing this “Green New Deal” to control some of the Physical Aspects of your Life [home energy, e-cars]…..
Democrats want to install Digital Currency to control your financial life…

Some of the Republicans are part of this group [RINOs]…But Democrats are the Cause of our problems since 1828

If you are not part of the Democrat leadership club, you are just a pon… a useful idiot to them…maybe someday you will wake up…Hope it’s not too late


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