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Dems Threaten GOP over Farm Bill

Negotiation on the farm bill is now effectively over. House Ag Democrats have resorted to turning the negotiation process into threats, blackmail and coercion. Democrats recent ultimatum to Republicans??? – ‘keep your hands off SNAP, or there won’t be a farm bill.’  Every Ag Democrat signed a letter to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, accusing him of “playing partisan SNAP politics” and letting him know that any reductions in SNAP will  jeopardize safety net programs for farmers.  But House Ag chair GT Thompson, argues that SNAP at 82 percent of the farm bill and the Debt Reduction Act, demands that all spending is under review…Especially with a nearly 12 percent error rate in the states run by the democrats that a complaining the loudest.

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Slacker06 September 11, 2023 at 9:08 am

We as a country are $Trillions in debt with no way to get it paid off. So SNAP and other programs should be curtailed or at least not increased. Remember when a program is not increased the dems claim it is a cut. The country simply cannot afford all the increased in spending. The next time your favorite sacred cow is “threatened,” I suggest you go read Article I, Section 8, the 18 enumerated Powers of Congress in our constitution. You will find that nearly all the sacred cows are not on that list.


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