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Homeless living under bridge on West Superior Street told to vacate

(Saige Driver/ 1190 WOWO)

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): About 11 homeless people in Fort Wayne are searching for a new place to sleep.

The city of Fort Wayne gave a notice to a group of people living under a bridge that the site had to be vacated by May 3. The bridge is at the intersection of Ewing and West Superior street.

Tim Straley owns three properties next to the bridge and has called police multiple times about people living there.

“Enough was enough,” Straley said. “It’s starting to get summer time and we’ve dealt

(Saige Driver/ 1190 WOWO)
(Saige Driver/ 1190 WOWO)

with this, I’ve been on this property for 16 years.”

He later mentioned that the problem escalates in the summer and it keeps “getting worse and worse.”

“There needs to be somewhere for these people to go,” he said.

Joe is part of the community that lives under the bridge. He said that people have lived in that area for years and there has never been a problem.

Keith See lives under the bridge as well and filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Fort Wayne in March for the destruction of homeless camps in Fort Wayne in recent years.

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Joe mentioned that Keith is somewhat of a leader in the homeless community and implements rules. He said no one is allowed to bring alcohol or drugs under the bridge.

When asked where the homeless people were going to go, Joe said he wasn’t sure. He said some people were banned from rescue missions.

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