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Northern Indiana city hires contractor to kill 400 geese

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MISHAWAKA, Ind. (AP): A northern Indiana city has hired a contractor to remove and kill 400 Canada geese from a golf course and three parks.

Mishawaka Mayor Dave Wood told the South Bend Tribune the contractor was hired after attempts to scare off the geese with bottle rockets, golf carts and even a fake coyote failed.

Dawn Wiggins, office manager and partial owner of Elkhart-based Critter Control of Northcentral Indiana, says the geese were rounded up and exterminated according to state and federal guidelines, then buried. Wiggin says Mishawaka will end pay at least $10,000, given Critter Control’s charge of $25 per bird.

Wood said residents have complained about geese attacking them and their kids in the parks and about geese causing traffic hazards crossing roads.

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