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Parents object to transgender student’s use of girls’ restroom


NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. (WOWO): Parents are upset over a bathroom policy at an area elementary school.

A first-grader who was born as a boy but identifies as a girl is being allowed to use the girl’s restroom at Manchester Elementary School, according to Fort Wayne’s NBC. That’s not sitting well with some:

“I was really upset, because no one was told in the community,” says Nate Gephart, who says he and his wife have pulled their two youngest daughters out of the school and are now home-schooling them.

“I know there are people out there that are going to say we are haters. I love my kids, therefore I want to protect my kids. I love the children in this community, therefore I want to protect the kids in this community.”

Dozens showed up at this week’s school board meeting to protest the rule, which school officials say is dictated by federal law.


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J. Leffel December 13, 2019 at 4:45 pm

In regards to the article about the first grade boy being raised by same sex parents, who apparently identifies as a girl, being given the right to use the girls bathroom, i have but one question. Not that i want too, but, if i decided to “identify as a girl”, will Manchester Community Schools give me the right to also use the girls bathroom at sporting events / school events, if i request that same special privilege? I would think they would have to let any man, regardless of age, who “identifies as a girl” use the girls bathrooms. If they denied these requests, they would be in violation of federal law, therfore opening themselves up for a lawsuit. Hmmm…… I could use some cash.

Tommy December 13, 2019 at 9:03 pm

Great question and I would say yes that is correct. From a statement put out by the school any child that identifies as transgender has to do so with the school counselor before being allowed to use the facilities of their gender identity. The other article that I saw spoke more about the group of upset adults. I think the disturbingly ironic part of this whole thing is that this group of white people organized a group to try and intimidate the school board into limiting the freedoms of a group of kids and what did they decide to wear for a show of unity? WHITE Shirts!!! What in the holy heck? The last time a bunch of white people dressed up in white to limit freedoms of others I’m pretty sure was a hate group. But I’m sure this guy and his “group of Christians” really do love all the children. Before anyone says anything the fact that no one in the group spoke up and said “hey all you white people. Do you think we should choose a different color?” Speaks to their complete ignorance of humans that are different then they are.

Michelle December 14, 2019 at 5:39 pm

It speaks to your ignorance that you never considered that white, for many people, stands for purity and virtue. Thus, why historically brides have worn white. Just like the rainbow has symbolic meaning for Christians, though it has now been taken over by the LGBTQ movement. There were no hoods and robes present. And there is no rule that says “No white after Labor Day or if you are white and in a group of other whites”. Whoever started this notion, and those parroting it, win the grand prize for manufacturing an offense out of a situation.
You mention limiting the freedoms of others. Isn’t that exactly what the transgender child’s parents are doing to those girls who want the freedom to be in locker room/restroom with only other biological females?


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