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Presidential Campaign Swirl Overtakes 2015 Ohio Campaigns

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Guess what, Ohio voters? There's actually an election this Tuesday. 
That's right, a statewide election that will decide the fate of three ballot proposals _ on legislative redistricting, constitutional monopolies and marijuana legalization _ as well as a host of local candidate contests and issues.
It's been easy for voters to miss the 2015 contest with so much rhetoric already swirling around the 2016 presidential campaign. Even some 2016 congressional candidates are popping up in ads and on doorsteps like so much premature Christmas merchandise before Thanksgiving.
The American Policy Roundtable is a conservative policy group with a commitment to boosting election participation. It has even bought an online ad with no election message other than this: “Before we get to 2016, there is an election Nov. 3rd, 2015.''

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