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Several reports of mail theft in Van Wert County

VAN WERT COUNTY, Ohio (WOWO) – The Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an investigation after numerous mail thefts were reported in northwest Ohio and throughout several counties in Indiana.

Sheriff Thomas M. Riggenbach reports the thefts are believed to have happened during the last ten days.

The Sheriff’s Office has spoken with several known mail theft victims, but if a resident believes they may also be a victim, they should contact the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office at (419) 238-3866.

Sheriff Riggenbach is also asking that anyone who notices any suspicious activity in their neighborhoods to contact the Sheriff’s Office immediately. Suspicious activity may include the following:

  • A person/vehicle stays in the same place for an unusual length of time.
  • A parked car with the engine running, regardless if a person is inside or not.
  • A person behaving odd or exhibiting unusual movements, appearing out of place, or is wandering around.
  • A person concealing an object, carrying a weapon or suspicious bag.
  • A person looking into windows of homes for no reason, or forcibly entering a car or home.
  • A person looking into cars, moving from car to car, or trying door handles.
  • A person running from a home for no reason, especially at night.
  • A person carrying or transporting unusual valuable objects day or night.
  • A person selling or conducting business out of their car, van, truck or other vehicle.
  • A vehicle driving around your block frequently, slowing down and speeding up.
  • A vehicle without lights on arriving or leaving late at night.
  • A person leaving a neighbor’s house, who isn’t a neighbor or someone you recognize.

Sheriff Riggenbach wants to encourage residents to refrain from putting mail out the night before it is picked up, and to make sure they remove their mail from their mail box each day.

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