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Your local election ballot, explained

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The general election is fast approaching. Many seats in WOWOland are up for grabs, and some areas also have questions on their ballot.

Below is a list of contested seats, the candidates running for them, and the questions that are on the ballot.

Adams County


Mayor:  Kenneth L. Meyer (R) Incumbent – Daniel Richard (D)

City Council District 2:  Randy S. Colclasure (R) – Tyler J. Fullenkamp (D) incumbent


City Council At-Large:  John M. Wanner (R) incumbent – Lew Sprunger (D)

Allen County

Fort Wayne

Mayor: Tim Smith (R) – Thomas C. Henry (D) incumbent

Fort Wayne City Clerk: Lana R. Keesling (R) incumbent – Katie Zuber (D)

Fort Wayne City Council District 1:  Paul Ensley (R) incumbent – Misti Meehan (D)

Fort Wayne City Council District 3:  Thomas F. Didier (R) incumbent – John J. Henry (D)

Fort Wayne City Council District 4:  Jason Arp (R) incumbent – Patti Hays (D)

Fort Wayne City Council District 5:  Taylor Vanover (R) – Geoff Paddock (D) incumbent

Fort Wayne City Council At-Large (Vote for 3): Michael Barranda (R) incumbent, Thomas Freistroffer (R) incumbent, Nathan Hartman (R) – Michelle Chambers (D), Steve Corona (D), Glynn A Hines (D)


Leo Town Council At-Large (Vote for 2): John Eastes (R) incumbent, Raymond (Ray) Pulver Jr. (R) incumbent – Chris Childers (I)


Monroeville Council 2: Erin Roy (R) – Joan L. Bultemeier (D) incumbent – Steve (Hula) Dillon (I)

Monroeville Council 3:  Kyle A. Palm (R) – Marilyn K. Crabill (D)

Monroeville Council 4:  Chad Heffernan (R) – Debra Clark (D) incumbent

Monroeville Council 5:  Joshua Roth (R) – Don Gerardot (D) incumbent

New Haven

Mayor: Steve McMichael (R) – Darren Peterson (D)

New Haven Council District 1: Floyd Ball (R) incumbent – Jessica Hannie (D)

New Haven Council District 3:  Craig Dellinger (R) incumbent – Frank Edward Sickles (D)

New Haven Council District 4:  Michael Mowery (R) – Tiffany McFadden (D)

DeKalb County


Mayor:  Michael D. Ley (R) – Sarah Payne (D)

City Council District 1: Wayne A. Madden (R) incumbent – Nora K. Schwartz (D)


Council At-Large (Vote for 1): Bill White (R) – Elizabeth Chrisman (D) incumbent


Mayor: Larry W. Getts (R) – Todd Fiandt (D) incumbent


Clerk-Treasurer: Renee J. Duszynski (R) – Renata Ford (D) incumbent


Public Question: “For the (8) calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall the Hamilton Community Schools impose a property tax rate that does not exceed forty-four cents ($0.44) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property taxes imposed by the school corporation programs including student safety and transportation and any other educational and operational needs of the school corporation?”  Yes or No

Town Council Member At-Large (Vote for 1): Lloyd J. Bartels (R) – Mary T. Vail (D) incumbent

St. Joe

Town Council Member At-Large (Vote for 3):  Daniel Davidhizar (R), Randy Drake (R) incumbent, Mary Simcox (R) incumbent – Jeffrey Studebaker (I) incumbent

Grant County


Mayor:  David K. Homer (R) – Jess Alumbaugh (D) incumbent – William “Bill” Henry (I)

Marion City Council At-Large (Vote for 3):  Brian Cowgill (R), Steve Henderson (R), Bradley Luzadder (R) incumbent – Evan Gilmore (D), Torri Williams (D), Javon J. Washington (D)

Marion City Council District 1:  Gary T. Fordyce, Sr. (R) – Fred L. Troxell (D)

Marion City Council District 2: Mike Cline (R) – Jessy Pearson-Cheney (D)

Marion City Council District 3:  Jim Brunner (R) incumbent – Paul Funches III (D)

Marion City Council District 4:  Brian Brand (R) – Robin Fouce (D)

Marion City Council District 6:  Deborah Cain (R) incumbent – Nechelle Applewhite-Sanders (D)

Gas City

Mayor:  H. Larry Leach (D) incumbent – William “Bill” Rock, Jr. (I)

City Clerk-Treasurer:  Karen Wood (R) – Teri Miller (D) incumbent


Town Council At-Large (Vote for 3): Ryan Gossett (R), John B. Metzger (R), Karen Pollen (R) – Minerva Jane Sickman (D)


Clerk-Treasurer:  Desiree Arenas (I) incumbent, Maureen Dalrymple (I)


Town Council At-Large: Health Slain (R) incumbent – Alan Dotson (L)

Van Buren

Town Council At-Large (Vote for 3):  Jarrett (Jerry) Caudill (R), Mark Alan Towery (R) – Tony Manry (D) – Thomas C. Birchfield III (I), Terry Dieckmann (D)

Huntington County

Public Question #1:  “For the eight (8) calendar years immediately following the holding of the referendum, shall the Huntington County Community School Corporation impose a property tax rate that does not exceed six cents ($0.06) on each one hundred dollars ($100) of assessed valuation and that is in addition to all other property taxes imposed by the school corporation for the purpose of funding academic and educationally-related programs, managing class sizes, school safety initiatives, and attracting and retaining teachers?”  Yes or No

Public Question #2:  “Shall Huntington County Community School Corporation issue bonds or enter into a lease to finance the 2020 Safety, Security, Replacement, and Restoration Project, which includes the renovation of and improvements to Huntington North High School, and other related campus improvements, which is estimated to cost not more than $68,480,000 and is estimated to increase the property tax rate for debt service by a minimum of $0.3381 per $100 of assessed valuation?”  Yes or No


Mayor:  Larry Buzzard (R) – Johnnie Hiles (I), Richard Strick (I)

City Common Council 3rd District:  Jerry Meehan Jr. (R) – Richard Douglas Mills (D) – Eric Bruce (I), Tony L. Hiles (I)


Town Council (Vote for 3):  Laura A. Dillon (R), John Harshbarger (R) incumbent, Roger L. Newsome Jr. (R) – Raymond R (Ray) Tackett (D)


Town Clerk-Treasurer: Joanne Kirchner (I) incumbent, Sarah L. Milton (I)

Roanoke Town Council (Vote for 3): Joan Abbott (I) incumbent, David Meitzler (I), Pamala A. Parker (I), David S. Tucker (I) incumbent


Warren Town Council (Vote for 2): Julia Glessner (I) incumbent, Ethan Stivers (I) incumbent, Tavis Surfus (I), Michael Yoder (I)

Noble County


Mayor: W.Suzanne Handshoe (R) incumbent – Timothy James Schlotter (D)

City Council District 3: Amy Ballard (R) incumbent – Sachi Janek (D)

City Council Member At-Large: Regan Ford (R) incumbent – Tony Mark (D)

Wabash County


Wabash City Council At-Large (Vote for 2): John S. Burnsworth (R), Bryan Dillon (R) incumbent – Dan Townsend (D)

North Manchester

Town Council District 1: Laura Rager (R) – Kevin Shambarger (I)

Town Council District 3:  Tom Dale (R) incumbent – Michael J. Larson (I)

Wells County


Mayor:  John S. Whicker (R) – Charles D. (Chuck) King (D)

City Common Council District 1:  Roger Thornton (R) – Tim Gibson (D)

City Common Council District 2: Josh Hunt (R) – Nancy E. Morrissey-Leitz (D)

City Common Council District 3:  Janella Joy Stronczek (R) – Michael D. Morrissey (D) incumbent

City Common Council District 4:  Scott A. Mentzer (R) – James (Jim) Phillabaum (D) incumbent

City Common Council At-Large: Rick E. Elwell (R) – Melanie Durr (D) incumbent


Town Council Member (Vote for 3):  Jeffrey J. Harshman (D) – Rita O. Knowles (I), Linda L. Ogle (I), Becky Smith (I), Paul Wayne Miller (I)

Whitley County

Columbia City

Common Council Northeast: Walter C. Crowder (R) incumbent – Jamie Overdeer Cline (D)

South Whitley

Town Clerk-Treasurer:  Pamela Hoffman (R) – Dawn Boggs (D) – Bob Gould (I)

To find out where your voting location is, click here.

Listen for full team coverage of Election Night 2019 coming up Tuesday as Pat Miller and Darrin Wright give you up to the minute results for everything on this year’s ballot, including Mayor of Fort Wayne. Coverage starts just after The Pat Miller Program at 6 p.m. Tuesday.


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