5th Circuit Court of Appeals Deeming Joe Biden’s Pistol Brace Rule As “Likely Illegal”

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Slacker06 August 8, 2023 at 9:18 am

Our government was created as a REPUBLIC. We do have some democratic institutions but in a REPUBLIC as we are THE PEOPLE rule while also protects the rights of any minority. God-Given rights are guaranteed by the Constitution. When Dopey King Schmoe the Chicom Agent Provocateur and Idiot of Brandonville or one of his even dopier ministers decides to create new law by the stroke of a pen without the representatives of The People or The States being involved we have a GROSS VIOLATION of the Constitution. The pistol brace rule and the unfinished frame or receiver rule are GROSS VIOLATIONS.Those moves among many others are tyrannical banana republic and well outside the scope of the federal government. I do not remember any constitutional amendment giving any president dictatorial powers over THE PEOPLE.


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