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Change in gas station zoning law passed by panel now goes to City Council

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – The Fort Wayne Plan Commission passed a recommendation requiring gas stations to be located in general commercial zones.  The recommendation will now go to City Council.

According to the Journal Gazette, gas stations will no longer be able to be considered special uses in zoning.  This will limit the location of gas stations.  The current law is under scrutiny as there are areas of town, especially southeast, where there are many gas stations.  Residents in the southeast area of town insist that there are too many in their area and results in criminal activities and competitive price hikes.

The recommended change in the zoning laws is opposed by gas station owners, developers and a trade association as they are stating that the changes are unfairly targeting a legal business.

Democratic 6th District City Councilman Glynn Hines supports the measure and expressed how pleased he was with the measure. He states “I think it’s a good recommendation, “and adds “It’s still going to be a battle at the council table.”

The measure could come up in City Council in March and if passed, it would go into effect on April 1.

Commission Chairwoman, Connie Haas Zuber, says “We hear similar concerns from neighbors of every gas station proposal that comes before us at the Board of Zoning Appeals.”  Zuber stated that she supported the measure because it wasn’t just focused on the south side of town as it is a complaint in all areas of the city.

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