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Created Equal protesters seeking apology from South Side HS

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO):  Created Equal, the pro-life group that was protesting outside South Side High School, is now seeking an apology.

The anti-abortion protesters were outside the school back in November. They claim they were on public sidewalks. However, Principal Carlton Mable was recorded telling them to “get off school property.”

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The group is claiming that Principal Mable denied their right to peacefully assemble. Meantime, Fort Wayne Community Schools Spokesperson Krista Stockman told WOWO News, the protesters were blocking students.  “As the principal said in the video, had they gone across the street that would have been fine,” said Stockmam. “It’s just they were impeding students trying to get home from school. Whether they like it or not, these are children. They may be in high school, but they are children.”

Earlier this week, the group’s attorney, Thomas Dixon, sent a certified letter to Fort Wayne Community Schools, detailing what they want.

“What we’ve asked for is an apology and assurances that this type of thing is not going to happen again.”

He says if they don’t get an apology, they will go to court and seek an injunction. Dixon says so far, no word from Fort Wayne Community Schools.

“I just think that the district hasn’t had enough time to meet and consult and then get back with me. I am expecting to hear back from them pretty soon.”

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Fort Wayne Spokesman John Perlich says as long as a protest involves less than 25 people, they don’t need a permit, but did not comment on whether or not the sidewalk is considered public property, or school property.


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