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Delphi victim’s sister speaks out

(Photo supplied/Carroll County Sheriff's Office)

DEPLHI, Ind. (Network Indiana): The older sister of Liberty German has had enough of the rumors that are circulating about her sister’s murder.

Libby and her friend Abby Williams were murdered near the Monon High Bridge in Delphi back in February 2017. Kelsi German, who is a student at Ball State University now, took to YouTube this week to put to bed many rumors. A lot of them had to do with members of her own family:

One rumor, she said, was that her uncle may have done it.

“He’s been talked to and his whereabouts have been verified,” German said. “We know where he was. We know who he was with. He was nowhere near Delphi at the time.”

“Some rumors people make up, I’m not going to discuss some of them,” she continued. “Because they are so outlandish and weird, like, how do people have time for this stuff?”

She added that many people were saying that she and her family were pocketing donations.

“People think we’re taking the money that’s being donated and using it for ourselves. Which is crazy because we keep telling people ‘keep your money, we don’t want it’,” said German. “In the beginning, we didn’t want anything. Keep your donations, give it to the reward fund.”

But, she did say that anything you wish to donate can also go towards building a nearby softball park they are helping to build in honor of the two girls who loved playing softball.

German also expressed gratitude and pride in the police officers who are working tirelessly to find her sister’s killer.

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