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Slacker06 July 5, 2023 at 8:42 am

Every Citizen has three stooges representing them in Congress. My Hoosier stooges have done nothing to help increase confidence in government. As we are forced to support pronouns, the alphabet people, or the insanity of climate change, our likely enemies worldwide are studying engineering and the art of war. This will not end very well. That confidence loss has already destroyed military recruitment. Another example is the Dopey Joe idea of somehow blocking the suns rays while at the same time demanding more solar panels so we can drive electric cars. Anyone else see the utter impossibility of those two things existing at the same time? I have no problem if people make a decision on their own to install solar panels on their property or elect to drive an electric vehicle. But none of this should be forced on us by an insane pretend president. That bag of cocaine found in the white house was probably Joe’s. How else can one explain all of this? Even when the Marxicrats ae in the minority they seem to be able to get their way on almost everything. Why is that?

Hunter's White-powdered Nose July 6, 2023 at 7:44 am

Who would have confidence in an administration trying to destroy the Country while getting paid by foreign enemies?

Anyone supporting this treasonous administration is either a complete Moron, Blind to reality with your nose in pop culture, or have a stake in destroying the Country meaning you are evil.


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