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Generation Gap / Episode 9

GENERATION GAP: Baby Boomer vs. Millennial. He thinks Millennials take too many selfies, while she thinks Boomers can’t take a joke. Get perspective through the mind of a Millennial and a Baby Boomer because after all, generation gaps will always be there.

EPISODE 9: Is it a crime to tell someone to commit suicide? The teen boys want the teen girls to cover up, what is in the pool and should I marry myself? This is Generation Gap!

EPISODE 8: It is OK to thank veterans on Memorial Day? And most millennials think they can learn to parent by owning a dog… this is Generation Gap.

EPISODE 7: Do you have to be dead to be revered, lies that we tell on first dates and the Netflix show that is causing quite the controversy – 13 Reasons Why. This is Generation Gap.

EPISODE 6: Is Donald Trump a big old fat fake because he’s changed his mind? Leggings just won’t go away and fake news about Chip and Joanna Gains?! This is Generation Gap.

EPISODE 5: Beauty and the Beast, where is the outrage? Thank goodness they weren’t trying to get on a United flight in leggings and Starbucks wants us all to come together around a hot cup of joe. Welcome to Generation Gap.

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Dennis June 9, 2017 at 12:46 am

As usual, GenX , the Forgotten Generation. We shake our heads at both generations.


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