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Google Invests $2 Billion in Fort Wayne Data Center Expansion

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO) – Tech giant Google is set to significantly boost its presence in the Midwest with a $2 billion investment in a new data center in Fort Wayne, alongside unveiling initiatives to promote clean energy integration and job development.

Google’s expansion into Fort Wayne marks a substantial investment in the region’s technological infrastructure. The data center is expected to play a vital role in supporting Google’s AI advancements and strengthening its Google Cloud services.

Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, pointing out the positive impact on Indiana’s economy and workforce. He highlighted Google’s choice of Indiana for its global AI and cloud infrastructure and commended the company’s investment in skill-building initiatives tailored to meet the demands of future jobs.

U.S. Senator Todd Young reiterated these views, praising Indiana’s valuable environment for innovation and its proactive approach to preparing the workforce for emerging technologies. The senator noted the broader benefits of Google’s presence, not only for the local community but also for the nation as a whole.

Fort Wayne Mayor Sharon Tucker called attention to the transformative nature of Google’s investment, pointing out its significance beyond economic development. She highlighted the collaborative efforts between Google and local stakeholders in shaping a more resilient and prosperous future for Fort Wayne.

Joe Kava, Google’s Vice President of Global Data Centers, noted the strategic nature of the decision to invest in Fort Wayne, mentioning the shared spirit among leaders in Indiana and Allen County. He praised Google’s commitment to powering the digital future through innovation and partnership.

Google’s collaboration with Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M) represents a significant step towards advancing the clean energy transition. The partnership aims to integrate clean energy into the local grid, aligning with Google’s goal to operate on carbon-free energy by 2030. This collaboration not only promotes sustainability but also ensures reliable and affordable energy for all I&M customers.

Steve Baker, President, and Chief Operation Officer of Indiana Michigan Power, expressed excitement about the partnership, highlighting its alignment with the state’s energy policy objectives. He accentuated the multifaceted benefits of the project, including enhanced reliability, affordability, and environmental sustainability.

As part of its commitment to community development, Google announced the introduction of its Skilled Trades and Readiness (STAR) program in the Fort Wayne area. The initiative, in a joint effort with Ivy Tech Community College, aims to strengthen the skilled workforce pipeline, particularly focusing on underrepresented communities. The program offers paid training and networking opportunities, facilitating participants’ transition into jobs with Google or other local projects.

Also, Google unveiled a $250,000 investment in community support, benefiting critical initiatives such as the Fort Wayne Early Learning Center and Just Neighbors Interfaith Homeless Network. These contributions show Google’s commitment to promoting social impact and addressing local needs beyond its core business operations.


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30 jobs for 800 acres. What a great use of land…..Great Job Republicans!!!
Maybe its the taxes where this area will benefit…..10 year Tax abatement….Great Job Republicans!!!
Maybe it’s smart energy investment…..NOPE, just continued “green energy” like Wind and Solar or a garbage utility….Great Job Republicans!!!
Oh, Google is investing in Education…..gee, hopefully they don’t influence our universities to turn out like ANY of the “Ivy” league universities….we don’t need mentally ill students like those “protesting” Israel…….another Great Job Republicans!!!!!

I’m glad to have mental illness Democrat Politics fully infecting this red state. With Google’s money, soon, everything will be ran by Democrats and all the Republicans that allowed this Fascist company to build a facility here to collect and store ALL OUR DATA AND SELL IT, will soon be out of a job to Democrats. GREAT JOB “REPUBLICANS”!!!!!

Just because its development, doesn’t mean its good for us


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