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Holcomb, Pelath offer differing opinions on Legislative Session

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO): The 2017 Indiana Legislative Session has officially wrapped up, and depending on who you ask, it was either a great success or had some significant problems.

Republican Governor Eric Holcomb, whose party has a majority in both the House and Senate, says:

“Hoosiers should feel good about the work accomplished this session, and—equally important—they should be proud of the way their elected officials achieved resolution on the most urgent, complicated and contentious issues facing our state. This session was marked by a spirit of collaboration and civility that should stand as a model for the rest of the nation.”

“I commend and congratulate Speaker Bosma and President Pro Tem Long for their strong leadership this session to ensure our state continues on its path of prosperity, invests in roads and bridges, prepares a 21st Century workforce, attacks the drug epidemic, and delivers great government service.”

Democrat House Minority Leader Scott Pelath, however, says any positive work done was tainted by special interests and “social division.”

“At last, we have seen a commitment toward improving our crumbling infrastructure, at least for the next several years. It is good that there is a growing consensus of the need to put every penny you pay at the pump toward improving our roads. It would have been nice to see more shared sacrifice from all Hoosiers, but the powers that be felt corporate Indiana deserved to keep getting huge breaks, even as prices at the pump rise for the rest of us.”

“After nearly two years of study, it was felt that we were moving closer to seeing some kind of bipartisan reforms to our election system to make Hoosiers feel that their votes do count. But the reforms we approved were small, and the biggest reform of all – independent redistricting – was hijacked by a sole committee chairman, with nary a peep of protest from his leaders,” Pelath continues.

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