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Hoosier Lawmaker Offers Ideas To Curb Child Care Costs Across Indiana

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA):  Childcare can be expensive and hard to come by, and the whole situation could get worse.

Federal funding for childcare facilities, provided by the American Rescue Plan of 2021, has run out. That means nearly 50,000 Hoosier children could end up without care, says the Century Foundation.

“We (Indiana) have some of the most expensive childcare in the country,” says State Representative Carey Hamilton, “we have a lack of availability in many communities, and certainly, lack of affordability for a whole, large percent of our families.”

Rep. Hamilton is a Democrat that represents Indianapolis. She tells WIBC Indiana was already in a ‘state of crisis’ when it comes to childcare pre-pandemic, but federal funding helped carry the load for some families. Now that the money has dried up, Hoosier families and the state will feel the economic impact.

“That (workforce problems) was reducing our tax revenue each year by 118-million-dollars and over a billion-dollars in lost economic opportunity generally,” Hamilton explains.

She says even if you’re not a parent, this affects the job market and private sector revenue because people can’t get certain jobs that leave their kids without a parent or guardian. Businesses also take the hit because some workers have to leave or the business itself doesn’t have the funds to help cover childcare services, says Hamilton.

This problem affects each type of care as well, says Hamilton. From baby day cares to toddler care to Pre-Kindergarten.

Rep. Hamilton explains, “Pre-K is not available to all kids in Indiana. We have a low threshold for limited seats across the state.”

She says that’s an area where Indiana could improve. Hamilton says joining other states in offering Pre-K could help get more parents to work and help boost businesses and jobs. There’s also a state-level child tax credit, which some lawmakers are pushing for at the Statehouse.

Overall, it’s a long-term problem that needs a long-term solution, and Rep. Hamilton says several organizations throughout the state are coming to the table with ideas.

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Big Government is ALWAYS the problem October 9, 2023 at 8:08 am

Why does Indiana have such high cost in Childcare? Because of all the ridiculous State Licensing requirements!! That’s right, Once again, the State is responsible for inflating prices. And now everyone is scratching their heads wondering why….

Yes, you don’t need to be Licensed to watch kids, but you won’t get insurance without it.

Thanks again Big Government for stepping in an creating a problem where it didn’t previously exist


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