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Indiana State Trooper escapes injury after his car is hit during a traffic stop

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): A Friday afternoon traffic stop became a crash-scene when an Indiana State Trooper’s car was hit by a motorist, attempting to pass. The crash happened at about 12:30pm, on the Union Chapel Road overpass for I-69.

According to Master Trooper Chris Levitt’s preliminary investigation, Senior Trooper Ben Kirk had a vehicle stopped in the westbound left lane on the Union Chapel Road over pass, which lies between two round about intersections.

At the time of the crash Trooper Kirk was out of his vehicle standing along the passenger side of the violator’s car speaking with that driver.  All red/blue emergency lighting on Kirk’s patrol car was displayed and operating properly.

A passing 2017 Dodge Ram pickup truck operated by Jerry Fulk, 63, of Fort Wayne,  failed to yield while passing the traffic stop and crashed into the passenger rear side of the Dodge Charger patrol car.

Fortunately, Trooper Kirk and the other involved driver were not injured, and there was no collateral damage to the other stopped vehicle .  The crash resulted in heavy damage to both the patrol car and to the pickup truck. Neither alcohol nor drugs were suspected as having contributed to this crash.

Mr. Fulk was issued a citation for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle under Indiana’s Mover Over or Slow Down law.  In Indiana all motorists are required to yield to emergency vehicles working on the sides of our Hoosier roadways when emergency lighting is displayed to avoid collision, either by reducing speed or changing lanes (when able to do so).

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1 comment

brettt August 30, 2021 at 11:32 am

I think Indiana should adopt something closer to Ohio’s transportation laws.

The “MOVE OVER, SLOW DOWN” law, in Ohio, requires drivers to move over one lane, when passing every stationary vehicle with flashing lights, including road construction, maintenance, and utility crews parked on the roadside.

Not only does this law protect Emergency & Law Enforcement, but everyone else too!
From Troubled vehicles, and Vehicles performing Load inspections, to all the aforementioned, this law requires vehicle operators to exercise caution to all.
See a vehicle with flashing lights? Switch lanes.
Don’t have a lane to switch to? Slow down, pass with caution; be prepared to stop, yielding to oncoming traffic.

It is quite an experience to change your flat on Indiana Highways at night!!!
Hazards on, Headlights on, and still maybe only 50% of the motorists ever get over. 🙁
Several times, a semi couldn’t get over… think they slowed down? Not a chance.
Felt like they were going to suck the shirt off my back!
.. not to mention the fear, from watching my vehicle waver in the passing winds, as it sits perched upon a little scissor jack.
…talk about motivation!

For me it’s a common curtesy, and just makes common sense. But, i guess it has to become a law first, for a few others.


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