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Indiana Supreme Court files disciplinary complaint against Wells County prosecutor

(Photo Supplied/Indiana News Service)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Indiana Supreme Court filed a disciplinary complaint against the Wells County Prosecutor.

Wells County Prosecutor Andrew Carnall had a disciplinary complaint filed against him on Thursday accusing him of professional misconduct. He reported himself to the disciplinary commission after getting himself involved with his son’s traffic stop on July 2nd.

Carnall’s son was reportedly pulled over by a Wells County Sheriff’s deputy. The deputy believed he was under the influence. Carnall’s son refused to take a breath test, according to court records. The deputy called Carnall and had him speak to his son. Carnall requested that his son cooperate with the deputy and asked the deputy if he could pick up his son. The deputy allowed it.

Carnall released this statement a month after the traffic stop:

“A few weeks ago in the early morning hours, I was awakened by a law enforcement officer who had my son pulled over for speeding and suspected drinking and driving. After a brief discussion, I made a poor decision to request that I come and get my son.”

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Heather Brewer November 5, 2022 at 8:56 pm

It strikes me in various ways to how this is the issue the Supreme Court wants to address in our Indiana Courtrooms!! How about the Supreme Court contact me (an advocate that is fighting against the corruption occurring in our courthouses), and I can give you an over abundance of hard evidence that would and should enrage every American! We have so much occurring just in Madison County & Henry County Courts that would prove this matter should be the furthest of importance to anyone! But it goes deeper than just these two counties. I just wish those in the Supreme Court or with the capability to effect change would come and court watch a few times & see the different violations of Rights, emoluments and Oaths that I am witnessing! I’m talking from abuse of power to racketeering, collusion to false imprisonment, extorting , money laundering violating the Rico Act. Judges sentencing defendants to work release or in home detention prior to even being found guilty. I know these people need desperate relief from a corporation that is abusing their positions of trust!

Dave November 7, 2022 at 12:53 pm

Hello Heather,

Heather you are right! I have been keeping lists of appeals cases that lower court rulings were overturned for good reason. Problem is to get a case overturned you must pay, and it takes time. Many of these men and women were in prison for this time. Many had to spend every dime they ever saved just to get a lower courts decision overturned. It is one thing to correct a mistake but you cannot fix what some of these people went through. Also when the same mistake is made on a regular basis the people making the mistakes should be canned or sent to prison themselves! There are more then 10 double Jeopardy violations in Indian courts yearly. We are at 15 this year. Lack of evidence cases 17. What more shameful reason for a ruling to be over turned then for Lack of Evidence. Indiana court is Kangaroo court.


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