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IU Faculty and Staff Unite Against Antisemitism and Harassment on Campus

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BLOOMINGTON AND INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WOWO) – In response to recent events at Indiana University, a coalition of 65 faculty and staff from the Indianapolis and Bloomington campuses have issued a statement expressing profound concern over the escalating rise of antisemitism and harassment targeting Jewish members of the university community.

The group stresses their commitment to free speech but draws a clear distinction between speech and action, condemning any behavior that crosses into targeting harassment of Jewish students and faculty. They highlight the threat such actions pose to freedom of speech and pledge to oppose them.

The statement also addresses the context of recent events, particularly referencing Hamas’ assault on Israel in October of 2023 as a significant turning point. The group asserts that aligning with Hamas amounts to enabling antisemitism and reaffirms IU’s longstanding policy against proposals to boycott and “divest” from Israel.

Furthermore, the coalition challenges of characterization of Israel as a “racist, apartheid, fascist, and genocidal” state, rejecting such indictments as ill-informed and mean-spirited. They advocate for recognizing Israel’s achievements and academic ties while opposing calls to nullify its existence.

The group voices concern over chants calling for an “Intifada Revolution” and the alarming sentiments expressed in Dunn Meadow, where individuals proclaimed “We are Hamas” and “Death to all Jewish people.”  They warn against the dangerous escalation of antisemitism under the guise of anti-Zionism, stressing its potential to undermine liberal democracy.

Pointing out IU’s history of inclusivity, the coalition affirms their commitment to maintaining a welcoming campus for individuals of diverse backgrounds, including Jewish faculty, students and staff.  They call upon university leadership and colleagues to join them in opposing any expression of antisemitism or anti-Israel hostility.

The statement concludes with a resolute stance against actions that undermine the campus climate, asserting that such behavior has no place within the IU community.


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