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Prosecutor Candidate Loomis: Homicide Numbers “Devastating”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WOWO): With the news of 2013 homicide numbers, a Republican who wants to be the next Allen County prosecutor says its time to be innovative and smart in fighting crime.

Mike Loomis, who was a deputy prosecutor, calls it devastating. In a statement released today. He says, the homicide problem requires new approaches to law enforcement.

Chief Deputy Prosecutor Mike McAlexander responded to the comments. “Our job is to effectively prosecute crime in the courtroom and those rules haven't change. They aren't going to change. Our responsibility is to assisti police in presenting evidence that can be used in court. The reality is are we constantly improving, developing the evolving technology, that's our job.”

McAlexander told WOWO News, the office is consistently involved with investigations, weekly meetings and regular communication with the various law enforcement agencies and called it a good working relationship.

He said the leadership of Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards is characterized by nearly 12 years of, intelligent, experienced decision making.

The full statement from Mike Loomis:

Upon learning that the Allen County Coroner has now officially ruled that Fort Wayne/Allen County had 45 homicides in 2013, Mike Loomis, candidate for Allen County Prosecutor in the Republican Primary, responded today to the development.

“This news is devastating for our community, and it affects us all”, he stated. “It is time to make some major changes in our approach to law enforcement, and I want to reiterate that the number one priority of my administration as Prosecutor will be the homicide problem,” Loomis said.

“As I’ve said numerous times, we must work together, all of us, to stop this deadly trend and find some new and innovative solutions”, Loomis added. “It isn’t enough to be tough on crime, we must also be smart on crime.”

Loomis advocates changes in the role of the Prosecutor’s Office in helping to solve the homicides by leading briefings with law enforcement representatives in the first 24 hours following the discovery of the crime, and he also favors finding ways for the Prosecutor’s Office to lead efforts toward preventative measures.

“The Prosecutor can play a major role in improving safety in our community. I intend to assist in providing that leadership,” Loomis said.

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